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[EP] wi']['ch - The Hypersub (Triplag Music)

Vess Apr 10, 2009

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    under construction
    ID - TRPLGEP007
    Artist: wi']['ch
    Name: The Hypersub
    Genre: Dark Psytrance
    Date: tba 2009
    Format: FLAC (wav)
    Length: 27:33

    Triplag Music is proud to present EP by wi']['ch - The Hypersub.


    After being dormant for more than a year Jay is making a comeback on international scene with 3 solo tracks and 1 cooperation track with StrezZ project.
    You probably all remember Aliens Don't Smoke track that was released our first CD compilation Keep The Faith!
    The track made good impression on psy scene and dancefloors. Many were waiting for more wi']['ch crafted work.
    Now you have the chance to enjoy clean, powerful and bouncy waves from wi']['ch that make you dance for sure!
    And watch for Pilula track -- pure hit for upcoming festival season.

    Track List:
    01. wi']['ch - Cerberus (147 Bpm)
    02. wi']['ch - Tria Mera (150 Bpm)
    03. wi']['ch - Aeroboard (150 Bpm)

    Bonuce Track:

    04. StrezZ vs wi']['ch - Pilula (149 Bpm)

    Main tracks written and produced by Koba Jukubaskas aka Jay
    Bonus track written and produced by Constantine Laniv and Koba Jukubaskas aka Jay

    Cover art work by Jakob @ http://www.psychedelicart.de
    Mastering by wi']['ch @ http://www.mastering-online.eu

    Previews and release page:

    Buy it as a digital download from 15th of April at:

    Also will be available at:

    Armada Download (mp3)
    AudioJelly (mp3)
    BeatsDigital (wav/mp3)
    Cytopia (wav/mp3)
    DistElectronic (mp3)
    DownloadPlatform (FLAC/mp3)
    Etopia Music (mp3)
    Judge Music (mp3)
    Juno Download (wav/mp3)
    M8 Download (mp3)
    MusicZeit (FLAC/mp3)
    PsyMP3 (mp3)

    and all megastores like:
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