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Ex Uus - Keyboard Warriors (Antiscarp Digital) OUT NOW!

Discussion in 'New Releases' started by Antiscarp Records, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Antiscarp Records

    Antiscarp Records Forum Member

    Fresh tunes from Ex Uus OUT NOW !!
    Deeply baked fourth studio album of Ex Uus is
    finally here.
    New album Keyboard Warriors continues where
    last album left off.
    This album includes the freshest psychedelic
    sounds from Ex Uus.

    Ex Uus is a one man project of Ilja Zelkovsky,
    who is originally from Ukraine but is living in Israel.
    In his music quality production with
    extreme weird sounds and beats come together.

    2.Schizophysical Eye Movement
    3.Rustle of Morning Stars
    4.Dancing Magicians
    5.First Space Battle
    6.Coral Energy Core
    8.Ill-Matic Alien
    9. Mythological Breakdownz
    10.Gods of War
    11.Die Spinne

    All tracks written and produced by Ex Uus

    OUT NOW !!!!


    Buy from:
    Equal Dreams
    Antiscarp Records

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