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Lorraine (psilocybe tribe/sunrise) - dj profile

Discussion in 'Artist & DJ Profiles' started by Lorraine, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Lorraine

    Lorraine Psilocybe Tribe

    Hi, due to all the +ve feedback Ive had about my mixes over the last few months I thought it was about time I posted my dj profile on here....

    ...Genre..Psychedelic progressive funky'n'chunky groovy Trance between 130-145 bpm. I describe it as 'the full-on end of progressive and/or the progressive end of full-on'.

    ...CDJ name.. "Lorraine"..lets keep things simple !, & now with brackets '(psilocybe tribe/sunrise)'

    ...I discovered psy trance in 2002 through my mate Ash (Celtic Psy forum keymaster/Psilocybe Tribe(prev.k/a DossePosse)), after 25 years of northern soul & 2 years of techno !
    I began accumulating tunes, going to club nights-Alien Resonance/Sunrise/U.V/Kulu/Cabbage & outdoor psy parties in North Wales.
    I never set out to be a dj, I just wanted to hear my taste in psy trance. I began by playing a few tunes @ the end of outdoor parties when everyone else was too wasted to play.
    Then, based on my enthusiasm & taste, (I think !?) Bez23(Kulu) asked me if I was up for playing @ Kulu (Bradford May 2005) WoW-my chance to play my favourite tunes. I wasn't gonna turn that chance down just because I couldn't dj !
    I had 2 months to get to grips with the mechanics of dj ing, anyway its the tunes that count !!
    It's been & still is a slow but interesting learning curve this dj malarkey. But, hey I'm enjoying it & for as long as they keep making tickety boo tunes that make me move I'll keep wanting to play them.
    Thanks to Ash (celtic psy forum admin/psilocybe tribe & good friend) for getting me hooked on psy trance, for letting me practice on his cdj1000's and for sorting me my own decks & mixer.
    Thanks to Gerry Aum (Kulu/Sunrise) for 1st putting the headphones on my head and encouraging me.
    Thanks to Bez23 & Kulu for starting my dj ing ball rolling.
    Thanks to Messmedia's leap of faith by giving me my 1st residency.
    Thanks to Sunrise for my 2nd & current residency.
    Thanks also to Anushka (Bristol), Shanti (Liverpool), UltraViolet (Wirral) & AudioAddictz (internet radio) for recently taking me on as a resident
    Thanks to all who have let me loose behind their decks & have helped to make me the obsessed psy trance anorak I am today !!

    SOUNDCLOUD....Lorraine Psilocybe Tribe's Spotlight page on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
    Mixcloud....LorrainePsilocybeTribe | Mixcloud - Re-think radio
    Celtic Psy Trance Forum link...CELTIC PSY TRANCE FORUM - LORRAINE -
    Facebook page....Dj Lorraine Psilocybe Tribe - Résumé | Facebook
    MY SPACE link....
    Lorraine psilocybe tribe | Musique gratuite, dates de tournées, photos, vidéos

    Latest MlXes....sendspace | Folder View
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2015
  2. PsycheDanic

    PsycheDanic PS: Why music? Dot, code... Ott, you 'k?

    Newbz, innit!
    All I have to say is, Lorraine is a right fuckin' anorak! :D
  3. Lorraine

    Lorraine Psilocybe Tribe

    passionate anorak, thankyou Dan. Takes one to know one ;)
  4. Oddity

    Oddity Catawampii

    Home Page:
    your a wicked dj lorraine!!!
    havnt heard you play anything bad...ever!
  5. bez23

    bez23 Adverse camber

    Of course :) And the fact that you're a total tune geek. Oh, and because you are lovely and hardcore in equal measure :lol:
  6. Lorraine

    Lorraine Psilocybe Tribe

    Cheers Bez & kris for your kind words, was good to party with you both last w.end.
  7. PsycheDanic

    PsycheDanic PS: Why music? Dot, code... Ott, you 'k?

    Newbz, innit!
    Hope to catch you at a party again soon. I haven't seen you since Waveform, I don't think. :-o
  8. Opus Jody

    Opus Jody Might Re Member

    depths of Kernow
    Home Page:
    go, girl.
    you rock!
    always a pleasure to hear you play.
  9. norty303

    norty303 Member (Todger)

    East Sussex
    And of course the fact that you'll fill in hours and hours of DJ slots at festivals at the drop of a hat :)
  10. superboss

    superboss multi media whore

    Home Page:
    big hello !

    you are a star
  11. Lorraine

    Lorraine Psilocybe Tribe

    Thankyou Jody, tis always a pleasure playing on your rig. See you & your rigs @ Sunrise Sat, I'm first on in the main room.

    Skip the hat, it'll only get in the way of my headphones !. Norty, next time you see me dj please come & say hello coz I dont think we've met.

    You are a bit shiny yourself mr Superboss, see you Sat @ Sunrise Steve.
  12. astro druid

    astro druid Junior Members

    he, he nice one lorraine see you @ sunrise
  13. converted

    converted EE'SH/ Foolish Rogue

    More promotors need to book lorraine! its always like making a playlist of my current favourite tunes and having them mixed together in beautufiul flowing ways! Keep it Tickety Boo, you know it makes sense.....
  14. Lorraine

    Lorraine Psilocybe Tribe

    Cheers guys for your kind words. I really enjoyed your set @ Illuminaughty, best set of the night for me as we have similar tickety boo taste in tunes.......I danced loads & got sweaty !!
  15. csomemouse

    csomemouse Junior Members

    Home Page:
    Hi Lorraine cheeras for your latest march mix but think its not a mp3 after downloading it says cant play file ?? any Ideas?:)x
  16. Lorraine

    Lorraine Psilocybe Tribe

    Hi Craig
    I posted the same link on facebook & a few have d/l it via there ok. Ive uploaded it to soundcloud, so try this linky..........

  17. buttons

    buttons Junior Members

    lliverpool - wavertree
    craig - if you just rename the file with .mp3 at the end it works fine :0)

    GO-ED LOZ :) love it x earth beat proggy godess x
  18. Lorraine

    Lorraine Psilocybe Tribe

  19. Lorraine

    Lorraine Psilocybe Tribe

    July's progressive psy mix.......http://www.sendspace.com/file/rsdl8s

    Lorraine (Psilocybe Tribe/Sunrise)
    July 2010 progressive psy mix tracklist

    Zen Mechanics & Ace Ventura-digital beings
    Galactica-present pressure
    Dualsnug-400,000 stars
    Egorythmia-we can fly
    Echotech-paradise lost
    Funky Dragon-elements
    Suntree-observation(Flegma & Nerso rmx)
    Martin-intoxicated rmx
    Meander & Ridden-mind waves

    any feedback mucho appreciated, thanks.
  20. Psypunk

    Psypunk Dancefloor anarchist

    Tripudio Solum
    Nice tunes,lorraine.just listened to your mix and it had me bopping away in my car :boogie:. Catch you soon :ibiggrin:

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