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The Feedback Thread! :Grin:

A central place for getting and giving feedback on tunes....

Imo this is such a valuable tool in our psyforum music school - it's so difficult to look at your own music objectively when you've heard it a million times and so it's great to know what others think! Conversely for the listener it's a great source of inspiration and ideas :Smile3:

Please post your new track here for feedback, and if you've got the time pull up a comfy chair, grab a cup of tea and choccy...
Aloha PsyHeads. This is a preview of my first label release. Im new to production and love friends and feedback from the psy community. Thank you so much for your support by listening to and following my sounds. Much love and aloha.
Liquid Sound design - Kira Kira by The Irresistible Force

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Electric Power Pole Records are pleased to announce that our latest release ‘Leopardtron – Hybrid Agenda’ is now out and available in digital format as of the 2 August, 2017.


Leopardton – Hybrid Agenda
epp records
Format: Digital
Catalogue Number: eppd025

Track List….

1. Leopardtron – Criminally Insane
2. Leopardtron – Fractal Fireworks
3. Leopardtron – Irasshaimase
4. Leopardtron v Khaoscope – U Facken Drugga
5. Leopardton v...
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