1. Torsion Jim

    Other Music Gaining Inertia: Techno, Electro, Acid & Braindance

    a mix i did a couple months ago.
  2. Plasma Force

    Plasma Force - Barrier of Paralysis (2019)

    Artist: Plasma Force. Album: Barrier of Paralysis. Genre: Goa/Darkpsy/Zenonesque. 01 Neural Activity 02 Speaking in Sync 03 Memory Implant 04 The Mighty Cosmos 05 Transcendent Isolation 06 Heart Spiral 07 Screentime 08 Interstellar Expansion 09 Barrier of Paralysis Released June 13...
  3. Digitalsamm

    My Psychedelic video arts

    Hello everyone y name is sam, I just joined today really liking the looks of this site so far. Anyways the visual arts dection is probably where i will mainly be parked, Im eager to share with you guys some of the most recent works i have done for Tip Records label including 1200 mics - speed...
  4. GoaMadnessRec

    Ephedra: What The Future Brings (Goa Madness Records) OUT NOW!

    OUT NOW! Buy here: Bandcamp Goa Madness Records is very proud to present you the new album of Ephedra: "What The Future Brings" After the success of his first 2 albums, Alexandre Cohen is back with 9 full length tracks filled with acid sounds, crazy melodies & groovy rhythm's. The album starts...
  5. GlobalSect

    DEBUT ALBUM OF MEDIAN PROJECT released by Global Sect

    PREORDER: In the infinite space of the Cosmos, a countless number of stars exists in an inconceivable way, among which lives an unimaginable number of beings. Powerful ancient civilizations observe the development of new forms of life, capable of the evolution...
  6. Loonytrip

    remember !!

  7. ANTESliveset

    T E C H liveset

    Hello everyone! My name is Andrés, I am a music producer from Ecuador, I am trying to get my music to people from around the world. If you want to give it a try here it is: Any feedback is appreciated, Cheers!