GOCH - Dark Forest Psy

    Namaste, I thought all should get the chance to listen to the full quality of the Macadonian artist, Goch! The guy grew up with a lot of music like most of us, but also started to play drums, and bassguitar in local bands. Roots bloody roots! You can hear it in his music. Also most important...
  2. Loonytrip


    GameOfSounds young wild & psychedelic
  3. SOL SeedOfLife

    Jaroslaw Jasnikowski - a surrealist of the young generation

    Stumbled upon this amazing artist! If you like Salvador Dali, you'd love Jaroslaw's work! He shows an alternative version of the world and we can see the similarity in his art and that of Salvador Dali. His extremely psychedelic image of the world may scare the viewer however, as you go deeper...
  4. SOL SeedOfLife

    Psychedelic fractal animations (VR) and images

    Mat Coll is an artist that creates Psychedelic images created using the DeepStyle method. His artist name and nickname is "Schizo". He is 41 years old and leaving and working in Germany. He says that his favorite culture is the Psychedelic Trance scene for about 25 years. So beside a normal job...