1. C

    Moment Of Silence Ep.

  2. Melusine Records

    E-MANTRA -Silence 2 Out Now

    Get the release from here : Here we meet again dear friends After 8 years since my Silence I Album i decided to continue the story . 7 tracks created on several beautiful locations are waiting for you to be explored . Available in 24 bits and mastered by Peter ( Artifact303) Enjoy E-Mantra...
  3. Melusine Records

    E-Mantra - Echoes from The Void (Psybient /Chillout )

    E-Mantra is Emanuel Carpus From Black Sea Coast of Romania During the lifespan of 20 years of music making , E-Mantra has been releasing 10 full Albums with different international Record Labels . His primal genres are Chill out/ Ambient / Goa Trance / Psytrance Get this release from here ...
  4. MelusineRecords

    E-Mantra - Silence / New mixing/ Mastering/24 bits

    After many years i decided to take my music back from the labels that previously release them. So this month will start with my dear Album " SILENCE" Several tracks were re-edited ..remixed ..improved sounds Melusine Records will be the label releasing them all step by step with new covers new...
  5. MelusineRecords

    E-Mantra - Night Guardian 24 bits

    E-Mantra - Night Guardian Music for nigth travelers. Respect mother Earth, respect Nature and all human beings. Protect the trees and stop demaging this planet. If you want to suport my music you can do it only from here : and...
  6. P

    A Plant is a God V/A by Animaudio

    This video sync with music is simply amazing! Animaudio is doing great work! What are your thoughts?
  7. Delightful_Imperfections

    Chill Out Delightful Imperfections - When the Sounds Become Medicine [Dreamtime Diaries Vol. 13]

    Hey everyone, My new chill journey mix is finally ready, full of gentle, nourishing, psybient sounds. Closed eyes, drifting away, floaty recharge goodness. Yum! Massive thanks to all the artists for their wonderful sounds & inspiration :) And to you guys for listening! 1. Beatfarmer - Long...
  8. C

    Chill Out Relax a Little - Coza Triptrance Rmx

    Hi friends !!! Relax a Little ,,,, Enjoy The Travel !!!
  9. JSarson

    Chill Out Dj Wooden Crystal Live Dj mix 2018 Ambient, Psybient and Soundscape chill.

  10. E

    Escape Into - The Mirror [Ektoplazm Records]

    Escape Into - The Mirror Ektoplazm and Escape Into proudly present The Mirror, the last release by Dan Flict and Werther Azevedo, a duo from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After a three year hiatus Escape Into is back with their most adventurous release yet. Without the pressures of having to conform...
  11. C

    Psychedelic Garden - Coza Triptrance Rmx (Psybient / Psychill)

    Hello Dear Friend , The Universal Bassline Energies Are Flowing Through Your Body. My New Work, Will Make You Travel In A Very Classic World Of Psychill Ambient Music. Tracklist: 01 - Lab s Cloud - Indian Culture (Original Mix) 02 - Sufi's Life & Merlin - Lonely 03 - Sufi_s Life - In...