dark forest

  1. aghori

    VA - Psionic Power (Digital Psionics, 2021)

    Psionic Power out now on =AZXzMMq-LX_MKWQtrr4dGzyjoPIxrz4RxIcyfmJa4e7cVxD-FXKYRSxUkIYBoqND3Sb_zPgYL8UCmNpmO9HJL6s4KdBO3-FwSMC5LKvtt5zWC5C3kJ85CGS5wLGF9KXIIrsws3MlhDrCHBKDjycSR6EOVnj_dv28oToNyTPQMpUKTA&__tn__=kK-y-R']Digital Psionics! Psionic Power is a psychedelic sound field projection...
  2. Full Lotus

    The set I played on NYE 2020...

    Track Listing: 1. Atriohm - Rings of Fairy (Remix) (Parvati Records) 2. Third Eye Of Monkey - The Alchemist (Banyan Records) 3. Disobedient Perception - Tung Bass (Parvati Records/Vantara Vichitra Records) 4. Farebi Jalebi - Tastes Like Purple (Mighty Quinn Records) 5. Kukunochi - Kiji (Mental...
  3. Evhz

    Forest psychedelia

    Just baked @visionaryshamanic records freeform forest psychedelia Have fun! :Dwarf:
  4. Dj Django Music

    OUT NOW Koera Noera - Cyber Forest

    Koera Noera is the forest/dark psytrance project of Dj Django Music. 'Cyber Forest' is the official debut track of the project released on Mushlight Records. Exclusive link: -Project:Koera Noera -Title:Cyber Forest -BPM:175 -Produced, mixed&mastered @Mushlight Studios by Dj Django. -Released...
  5. Valzga

    Software How to create this Dark Prog/Forest like Bassline with Serum?

    Hi hope you can help me out with this one. Im using Serum and FabfilterQ3 to create my Basslines but cant manage to recreate this one. Im a bit new to this genre :)
  6. Full Lotus

    Return To Trentfosters mixed by Full Lotus

    New mix from me, fresh today. Track list: 1. Metaphyz - Yopsy (Rmx) (Bhooteshwara Records) 2. Freeform Syndicate - Geronimo (Yggdrasil Records) 3. Traxon - Honey In The Pacifier (Forestdelic Records) 4. Farebi Jalebi - Gins (Rmx) (Parvati Records) 5. Makumba - Black Ocean Rmx (Pralayah...
  7. PsymotionAsia

    Dark Psytrance [Forest] pSylu? DJLive 0230~0330@Miracle Warmup Party11082018 - 148bpm (Tracklist&link/WAVDownload)

    Namaskar to all Psyfamily on Psymusic!!! This is PsymotionAsia, mainly for Asian Psytrance Party Promotion Here is my very first posting on this site. It is a live recording from the warmup party for the upcoming big outdoor Miracle Festival in Taiwan (as shown...