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  1. Atopia

    Artist ATOPIA

    Atopia - Psytrance Artist / Producer / DJ My musical Style can be described as a symbiosis of pulsating progressive beats and spherical elements of psytrance. As Atopia I make music due the fact that I want to hand back to music what it has given me all these years. It's all about that special...
  2. aghori

    Kapālā Mūrti by aGh0Ri TānTriK

    aGh0Ri TānTriK – Kapālā Mūrti - Out now! Sonic Tantra Psytrance Music Records presents aGh0Ri TanTriK’s sixth album containing 10 powerful DarkPsy, Psycore and Hitech Psytrance tracks. Out Now on BandCamp SonicTantra.com Follow aGh0Ri TanTriK: Soundcloud Facebook
  3. S

    Lunatics (Dark Psy Mix)

    Hey there everybody! I'm new to this forum, so blessings upon you all. I just wanted to share a Dark Psytrance mix I did yesterday with a new mixtable I bought. Here is the link: Here is also my Soundcloud link to my account: https://soundcloud.com/lillash Hope you like it! Skylla
  4. Dj Django Music

    OUT NOW Koera Noera - Cyber Forest

    Koera Noera is the forest/dark psytrance project of Dj Django Music. 'Cyber Forest' is the official debut track of the project released on Mushlight Records. Exclusive link: -Project:Koera Noera -Title:Cyber Forest -BPM:175 -Produced, mixed&mastered @Mushlight Studios by Dj Django. -Released...
  5. Full Lotus

    Trip To Trentfosters mixed by Full Lotus

    My latest mix. It's been a while. Not even sure anyone here will check it out :D Tracklist is in the link. If you can't see it, let me know here and I will post it :)
  6. aghori

    va INFINITE MISERY (comp. by Bhassam @ SCBrec.t.)

    VA – Infinite Misery, compiled by Bhassam (India), is a Psycore masterpiece with an eerie demonic edge released on Sonic Contrast Beings. Featuring 15 Hardcore Psychedelic tracks by artists such as Snuratekk, Mythorlogic, Shadowform, aGh0Ri TanTriK & more, this release will keep you tweaking...
  7. aghori

    VA - Horror Tales: Chapter 1 (2017, Horrordelic Recs)

    Tracklist: 01. Elephant – Holy Pyramid (148bpm) 02. KinetiK Flux – J’ai crue voir un (156bpm) 03. Nyctophobia Vs WordSalad – Fear Induced Fantasies (152bpm) 04. TERRATECH – Tweaking Psychedelics (Boga Remix) (156-161bpm) 05. Spagettibrain- Talenta (154bpm) 06. Oroboro – Soy un Fauno (151bpm)...