1. Vizia


    Hey all! I recently entered into psytrance world! Check out some of my stuff guys! Also any advice which record label should i look to send this?
  2. Evhz

    Forest psychedelia

    Just baked @visionaryshamanic records freeform forest psychedelia Have fun! :Dwarf:
  3. Atopia

    Artist ATOPIA

    Atopia - Psytrance Artist / Producer / DJ My musical Style can be described as a symbiosis of pulsating progressive beats and spherical elements of psytrance. As Atopia I make music due the fact that I want to hand back to music what it has given me all these years. It's all about that special...
  4. Plasma Force

    Plasma Force - Barrier of Paralysis (2019)

    Artist: Plasma Force. Album: Barrier of Paralysis. Genre: Goa/Darkpsy/Zenonesque. 01 Neural Activity 02 Speaking in Sync 03 Memory Implant 04 The Mighty Cosmos 05 Transcendent Isolation 06 Heart Spiral 07 Screentime 08 Interstellar Expansion 09 Barrier of Paralysis Released June 13...
  5. aghori

    aGh0Ri TanTriK - Eternal Extacy (2018)

    Sonic Tantra is pleased to announce the upcoming album of DarkPsy artist, aGh0Ri TanTriK’s 5th solo album titled “Eternal Extacty” will be releasing on 4th August, 2018 – Pre-order now @ 50% discount! Digital Pre-orders...