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  1. DJ Voyi

    Psychedelic Trance DJ Voyi`s Twilight Fullon / Forest Psytrance August 2023 Mix

    Dear all, IIt would be my pleasure to share with you my latest almost 2 and a half hour long mix staright from my kitchen. The genre is Twilight-Psytrance / Forest-Psytrance. Enjoy the journey:merlin:
  2. tazz

    Psyland Magazine - 72 Pages of Original Psytrance Content

    Hello lovers of psychedelia, We are excited to announce a new addition to our project, the Psyland Magazine! Our constant involvement in the psychedelic scene throughout this year has led to the creation of a remarkable database of psychedelic content. Numerous artworks from releases, festival...
  3. Dj Django Music

    OUT NOW Koera Noera - Cyber Forest

    Koera Noera is the forest/dark psytrance project of Dj Django Music. 'Cyber Forest' is the official debut track of the project released on Mushlight Records. Exclusive link: -Project:Koera Noera -Title:Cyber Forest -BPM:175 -Produced, mixed&mastered @Mushlight Studios by Dj Django. -Released...
  4. Full Lotus

    Psychedelic Trance Full Lotus@The Crescent Tree 25th August 2019

    A mix from me recorded at The Crescent Tree party in the forests of London ;) Track listing as follows: 1. Dark Elf - Jadis (Pralayah Records) 2. Arjuna & Confo - Analog Sleep (Parvati Records) 3. Tromo - Awaken Humanoid (Insomnia Records) 4. Aurokarya - Beyond The Hill (Organic Alchemy...
  5. Full Lotus

    Psychedelic Trance Destination Trentfosters mixed by Full Lotus

    A new forest mix from me :D Track listing as follows: 1. Krapul - Impressive Nature (Quadrivium Records) 2. Antonymous - Shadows of the Void (Insomnia Records) 3. Dark Elf - Unseen (Goanmantra Records) 4. Seb, Bubbleguns - Dark Stranger (Digital Shiva Power) 5. Atomental - You Are Beautifull...
  6. PsymotionAsia

    Dark Psytrance [Tricky Forest] pSylu? DJSet 0400~0500@FairyLandII030519 - 150bpm (Tracklist&link/WAVDownload)

    Namaskar to all Psyfamily on Psymusic!!! This is PsymotionAsia, mainly for Asian Psytrance Party Promotion It is a live recording from the event hosted by the organizer of Miracle Festival in Taiwan, if you are interested in the party or other recordings from Asia, please just contact me for...
  7. Full Lotus

    Return To Trentfosters mixed by Full Lotus

    New mix from me, fresh today. Track list: 1. Metaphyz - Yopsy (Rmx) (Bhooteshwara Records) 2. Freeform Syndicate - Geronimo (Yggdrasil Records) 3. Traxon - Honey In The Pacifier (Forestdelic Records) 4. Farebi Jalebi - Gins (Rmx) (Parvati Records) 5. Makumba - Black Ocean Rmx (Pralayah...
  8. Full Lotus

    Trip To Trentfosters mixed by Full Lotus

    My latest mix. It's been a while. Not even sure anyone here will check it out :D Tracklist is in the link. If you can't see it, let me know here and I will post it :)