1. Ewgen

    9. Aural Sud LP

    Hi community ! Here from Misiones, Argentina , featuring my first release: 9. Aural Sud LP mathematicianrecords Out on march 9th 2020. here`s an album review. Enjoy! Peace up!

    Goch - Forte (EP, Kali Earth Records) Pre-listen/order now. World Wide release on the 15th of Octobe

    Ya-hey all, what a wonderful world * Hope all is doing good and feeling well. Artist: GOCH EP title: FORTE Label: KER Release date: 15th of October 2019 cat. number: KERDiG004 + KERCDr004 main distributor: Koldbeat/Beatspace Do you enjoy the music drive and flow of GOCH? Visit him here...

    GOCH - Dark Forest Psy

    Namaste, I thought all should get the chance to listen to the full quality of the Macadonian artist, Goch! The guy grew up with a lot of music like most of us, but also started to play drums, and bassguitar in local bands. Roots bloody roots! You can hear it in his music. Also most important...
  4. Full Lotus

    Psychedelic Trance Full Lotus@The Crescent Tree 25th August 2019

    A mix from me recorded at The Crescent Tree party in the forests of London ;) Track listing as follows: 1. Dark Elf - Jadis (Pralayah Records) 2. Arjuna & Confo - Analog Sleep (Parvati Records) 3. Tromo - Awaken Humanoid (Insomnia Records) 4. Aurokarya - Beyond The Hill (Organic Alchemy...
  5. K

    Software Tutorials Psytrance - Ableton Live

    Hello , tutorials and workflow Ableton live and plugins , psytrance forest darkpsy ...
  6. Full Lotus

    Psychedelic Trance Destination Trentfosters mixed by Full Lotus

    A new forest mix from me :D Track listing as follows: 1. Krapul - Impressive Nature (Quadrivium Records) 2. Antonymous - Shadows of the Void (Insomnia Records) 3. Dark Elf - Unseen (Goanmantra Records) 4. Seb, Bubbleguns - Dark Stranger (Digital Shiva Power) 5. Atomental - You Are Beautifull...
  7. Radhe

    Esoteric Bloom - The Forest Guardian (psy-trance mix- 2019)

    New mix by Esoteric Bloom! (free download) Enjoy the ride~
  8. paulmidniteryder

    First Encounters - Space Pirate ( New Forest Psytrance release )

    Deep in the Amazonian rain forest a strange sound bounces between the trees.. In a clearing you come across Space Pirate, Sent Cosmic,and some guys bare foot dancing, kicking up clouds of dust. Hypnotized, you become drawn into most powerful, squelchy, psychedelic journey.. You soon realize this...
  9. Full Lotus

    Return To Trentfosters mixed by Full Lotus

    New mix from me, fresh today. Track list: 1. Metaphyz - Yopsy (Rmx) (Bhooteshwara Records) 2. Freeform Syndicate - Geronimo (Yggdrasil Records) 3. Traxon - Honey In The Pacifier (Forestdelic Records) 4. Farebi Jalebi - Gins (Rmx) (Parvati Records) 5. Makumba - Black Ocean Rmx (Pralayah...
  10. CollectiveONE

    DJ CollectiveONE ૐ Monthly Psytrance Mixes ૐ
  11. PsymotionAsia

    Dark Psytrance [Forest] pSylu? DJLive 1900~2030@PC2VB&M.Festival220918 - 148.03bpm (Tracklist&link/WAVDownload)

    LOVE&Namaskar to all Psyfamily on Psymusic!!! This is PsymotionAsia, mainly for Asian Psytrance Party Promotion It is a live recording at a outdoor party near a seaside area in HuALIEN duringMoon Festival in Taiwan. Hope you enjoy this recording, and see you at the psychedelic scenes in...
  12. PsymotionAsia

    Dark Psytrance [Forest] pSylu? DJLive 0230~0330@Miracle Warmup Party11082018 - 148bpm (Tracklist&link/WAVDownload)

    Namaskar to all Psyfamily on Psymusic!!! This is PsymotionAsia, mainly for Asian Psytrance Party Promotion Here is my very first posting on this site. It is a live recording from the warmup party for the upcoming big outdoor Miracle Festival in Taiwan (as shown...
  13. P

    Permacult Psytrance, Psychill and Hi-Tech at all tempos FACEBOOK: SOUNDCLOUD: VIDEOS:
  14. Evhz

    Psychedelic Trance Fresh psychedelic Forest

    Everherz is a psychedelic Forest project born in 2014 in the Basque country. Tracks are deep sonic journeys, sometimes describe concrete spaces with own dimension. The sound is made with rich groovy bass line, dense atmospheric dynamics, cured percussion... much tuned with nighty-like...
  15. Radhe

    Lotus Feet Records - Pineal Land - Compiled by Younion by Various Artists

    Lotus Feet Records present to you the third compilation - "Pineal Land", compiled by Younion. A release with groovy tunes, quirky sounds and different psychedelic flavours! 01.Dimmitrion - Limits of Madness 02.Sagoam - Progress is Start 03.Kacid - Cikada 04.Khaoscope - Elements 05.Dr...
  16. climactic-records

    7 Moons - VA

    7 Moons Climactic Records 7 Year Celebration Psychedelic VA RELEASE DATE 2017-12-15 LABEL Climactic Records CATALOG CR055 Celebrating 7 years of Climactic Records, & the evolution of psychedelic trance music over that period. This album features some of the best label tracks, old and new...
  17. ¤CloCkTaiL¤ ¤RecordS¤

    VA - Dive To The Top (CLOCKDG013) By ClockTail Rec

    Finally the time has come and long awaited release by label located on the Black Sea, Odessa city is ready; When we dive deeper into the psychedelic trance trip we are always look first at a powerful mysterious light in our minds and souls that is always lead us to the top of spiritual bliss...