1. J

    Arcturus by JoshAliTheShoq

    Have a listen and let me know what you think Thank you JoshAliTheShoq
  2. J

    Artist Arcturus by JoshAliTheShoq

    Have a listen and let me know what you think Thank you JoshAliTheShoq
  3. J

    [Unreleased] Shoqing Encounters by JoshAliTheShoq

    Thanks for listening and please let me know what you think of the track https://on.soundcloud.com/bNafC
  4. J

    Artist [Unreleased] Shoqing Encounters by JoshAliTheShoq

    Have a listen and let me know what you think thank you! https://on.soundcloud.com/aZwJs1MHynGB7qy39
  5. J

    Mystix Vibes Remix by JoshAliTheShoq (Live Version)

    https://on.soundcloud.com/kxJN4m9e4MF45uh8A Embark on an odyssey through uncharted soundscapes with "JoshAliTheShoq" as he unveils his latest auditory masterpiece - "Mystix Vibes"! As the thumping bass and ethereal synths weave a sonic tapestry, you'll find yourself entranced by the mystical...
  6. F

    Progressive Psytrance Progressive Psytrance Dj Set by Fractalik. July 2022

    Hello people of the world. I would love to share this awesome Dj Set I made for all of you. Enjoy!
  7. Atopia

    Atopia - Euphoria (Progressive Psytrance 2022)

    Happy to release my fourth track. What a nice journey till now. Hope to reach out more people in the future an transport emotions with my music. Let me know what you think!!! LINK: https://outnow.upwd.link/euphoria
  8. GoaMadnessRec

    Moon Beasts: On The Edge (OUT NOW!)

    OUT NOW! Buy here: Bandcamp On The Edge... The new album by the French / Belgian Duo Moon Beasts is finally here! After Years of hard work, the duo consisting of Ephedra & Proxeeus can finally present you this conceptual piece of art. On The edge is, as the title suggest, an album at the...
  9. Cosmogenesis

    Cybercraft - Maelström (Unreleased Goa Records)

    Unreleased Goa Records proudly presents Cybercraft, an obscure French quartet that produced Goa Trance music between 1993 and 1995. This ephemeral project was born at the end of 1992 from the ashes of the Electro-Cold band "Babel 17", who released two albums: "Celeano Fragments" (1990) and...
  10. Cosmogenesis

    Record Label Unreleased Goa Records (Sublabel Of DAT Records)

    Unreleased Goa Records is DAT Records' first sublabel, perceived as a logical continuation and the final phase of the “Unreleased Goa Project”, that exists since 2007. The aim is to release in digital format until now hidden and obscure Goa Trance tracks, or re-release rare albums. We just...
  11. Dr.B

    ~ Dr.B ~ Space Invaders EP ~

    Hello folks, I Proud to present to you my new psychedelic project: Dr.B Here some links to Space Invaders EP Soundcloud : https://m.soundcloud.com/grooveharmony-production/sets/drb-space-invaders-ep Mx3.ch : https://mx3.ch/p/1201SV Enjoy it Loud ! a Grooveharmony Production 2020
  12. Plasma Force

    Plasma Force - Barrier of Paralysis (2019)

    Artist: Plasma Force. Album: Barrier of Paralysis. Genre: Goa/Darkpsy/Zenonesque. 01 Neural Activity 02 Speaking in Sync 03 Memory Implant 04 The Mighty Cosmos 05 Transcendent Isolation 06 Heart Spiral 07 Screentime 08 Interstellar Expansion 09 Barrier of Paralysis Released June 13...
  13. Les Oberon

    Goa /Psy Vinyl For Sale

    I'm having a spring clean, and thinning out my record collection- here is the first batch for sale (with a low start price), more will be available in the coming weeks :) http://ebay.us/FpVxMS?5338273189
  14. Global Sect Shop

    Psychedelic UV art and goa trance music- backdrops, T shirts, CDs by Global Sect shop

    Global Sect presents you the collection of psychedelic decorations designed by visual artists: Ahankara Art, Artrama, Anahart, Andrey Verner and Ihtianderson. The backdrops have 100% UV active fluorescent print in high quality, printed with new sublimation technology (without pixels) and the...
  15. Plethora

    Plethora - Dawn of Doom

    Bandcamp: Soundcloud:

    TONY - NITZAHON (crazy GOA track) 155 bpm

    please support me if you liked this track

    TONY - NITZAHON (crazy GOA track) 155 bpm

    please support me if you liked this track
  18. M.Aviv music 2010

    M.Aviv music (Official)

    M.Aviv Music producer ♪ This is my main account with genres like: Goa - PsyTrance - Trance - Fullon - Progressive - melodic - - Other... https://soundcloud.com/user7846677/tracks
  19. GoaMadnessRec

    Ephedra: What The Future Brings (Goa Madness Records) OUT NOW!

    OUT NOW! Buy here: Bandcamp Goa Madness Records is very proud to present you the new album of Ephedra: "What The Future Brings" After the success of his first 2 albums, Alexandre Cohen is back with 9 full length tracks filled with acid sounds, crazy melodies & groovy rhythm's. The album starts...
  20. S

    Ektoplazm - SubConsciousMind - Symphonies of Life

    Ektoplazm is happy to present a new album by Swiss musician SubConsciousMind. Symphonies of Life, his fifth full-length release, explores different aspects of the human experience: Patience, Truth, Consciousness, Destruction, Love, Creation, Beauty, Humility, and Trust. This is an album that...