1. Vizia


    Hey all! I recently entered into psytrance world! Check out some of my stuff guys! Also any advice which record label should i look to send this?
  2. GoaMadnessRec

    Ephedra: Another Place on Earth (OUT NOW!)

    OUT NOW: BANDCAMP We are very happy to present the new album by Ephedra entitled "Another place on Earth" After 3 crazy years filled with tons of positive and less positive events, Alex is back with 9 Goatrance tracks filled with nostalgic melodies, crazy acid lines, deep atmospheres and much...
  3. GoaMadnessRec

    Moon Beasts: On The Edge (OUT NOW!)

    OUT NOW! Buy here: Bandcamp On The Edge... The new album by the French / Belgian Duo Moon Beasts is finally here! After Years of hard work, the duo consisting of Ephedra & Proxeeus can finally present you this conceptual piece of art. On The edge is, as the title suggest, an album at the...
  4. Jessica B

    New Shakti Goa Psy Trance Mix!

    Check out this teaser clip from the super talented SHAKTI\'s new energetic & elevating Goa Psy-trance mix! Then click below to hear the mix in full! https://tinyurl.com/qr5eema Also check out her Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/Shakti.Suntrip/