Atiramo - Mantra

    TRANCEPORT THE MIND The Sanskrit word mantra is derived from man, meaning mind or thought and tra, meaning tool or instrument. A free translation would be "A tool to manipulate our mind". They say that the words train, travel and transportation comes also from the Sanskrit root tra. How come...
  2. OtherWorld

    OtherWorld - Sacred Transmission - Mutagen Records - Out Now

    OtherWorld - Sacred Transmission - OUT NOW! We're proud to share with the psychedelic underground community on #psymusicuk. Our first release is out now for Beatport Exclusive on Mutagen Records. OtherWorld's first proper psychedelic Transmission begins with three massive tracks. Starting...
  3. P

    Software Eplex7 Psy Speaking synths 1 - very easy to use plugin instrument

    Hi friends, I discovered new plugin instrument from Eplex7 called Psy Speaking Synths 1. It is very easy to use plugin (suitable also for begginers). It can be used as expanding library in another Eplex7 instrument or in Free Eplex7 player. If you are interested check this video: Guys, have...
  4. psytones

    Progressive Psytrance Free Download (limited) of Material Music's Voice of Presstin2

    Hey hey hey ... hey. Would you like a tasty progressive goapsytrance track, for free? DL it here; &1joy