1. L

    Software I need help with producing psytrance!

    im start starting out in psytrance production and i really need help because im coming from producing more emo trap beats, this is something super new to me, i use FL Studio and would be super happy if anyone was willing to teach me through discord, let me know if anyone here is willing to help...
  2. Arvydas28

    Psy partys

    Hey I coming to Newcastle from Lithuania from 3th of may to 8th of may to vini vici :D maby someone knows any Psy events between these days? And can help me with a little bit of fun; )
  3. Anym

    new to psytrance

    so I am a hardstyle producer, but for my music academy I need to know 3 different genres. since of my favorites is Psytrances, I wanted to get into it more. but I have no clue where to start, since psytrance is not really like your average EDM. not a distinct verse, build-up, drop, chorus...