1. MindSelected


    Progressive Psytrance SET released by Mind Selected ! Enjoy it. YouTube Link : SoundCloud Link :
  2. OtherWorld

    Absolute Psy - Set 8 – Deep Progressive Psy 100/136 - 140bpm

    Set 8 is full of some classics you know & others you love. This show takes us deeper into the progressive side of psytrance, be prepared for a mega fluffy loved up journey as we take you on some proper cool twists & turns. You'll be jumping like crazy as we start the vibrations from a deep and...
  3. Deleted member 16491

    Good Timing - GoR64 2008 Mix

    Another one out of the archives, this is a producer set from way back, haven't checked the BPM but I'd hazard a guess at 135. Quite breakbeaty, and it's missing the live elements (scratches, fx and any on-the-fly beat juggling) but you can kinda tell what it is. No tracklist because it was...
  4. Archytek

    Psychedelic Trance Psychedelic mix by Archytek

    Hi! I just want to share my new mix here :) Hope you enjoy.
  5. Radhe

    Esoteric Bloom - The Forest Guardian (psy-trance mix- 2019)

    New mix by Esoteric Bloom! (free download) Enjoy the ride~
  6. PsymotionAsia

    Dark Psytrance [Forest] pSylu? DJLive 1900~2030@PC2VB&M.Festival220918 - 148.03bpm (Tracklist&link/WAVDownload)

    LOVE&Namaskar to all Psyfamily on Psymusic!!! This is PsymotionAsia, mainly for Asian Psytrance Party Promotion It is a live recording at a outdoor party near a seaside area in HuALIEN duringMoon Festival in Taiwan. Hope you enjoy this recording, and see you at the psychedelic scenes in...
  7. Solatnight

    Psychedelic Trance Katalepsis - PT Connection gig 24-2-18

    So I have been mixing away on my PC for a while now (as my Mixcloud account will attest) but I have recently started playing at gigs around the city. This particular one is a set I played opening for Mekkanika in The Wiley Fox. I had a great time playing (to a sparsely populated club as I was...
  8. Shadownightlp Music

    2017 Final Mix of my Music

    Here is my final mix for this year :) Hope you enjoy my music and much more will come 2k18!! https://hearthis.at/c8zgp7td/2k18-mix/