new album

  1. Fusion Booking

    Out Now !! Cortex - Ten - New Album | Boundless Records

    Out Now !! Cortex - Ten - New Album | Boundless Records Links to purchase, listen to the album. Beatport : Beatspace : Bandcamp : YouTube : Soundcloud : Track list : 01 : Cortex -...
  2. Climactic Records

    Beautiful Spirit - Mark Black - PsyTrance album release

    Beautiful Spirit Mark Black Release Date: 2021-05-19 Label: Climactic Records Catalog: CR074 Psychedelic music of the darker style from prolific label artist Mark Black. The relelase is around 150bpms ... Strap on your space helmets, get ready for another journey from the mind to the dancefloor...
  3. AUManoid

    AUManoid – Starship Experience [432 Hz Psytrance]

    Finally, the long awaited baby is born! AUManoid's debut album is OUT NOW!!! Digital release available on Bandcamp for download [24Bits version]. Physical copies of the album will be available later on. Bandcamp link: This first album is the result of years of work and practice on...