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    Atiramo - Don't Let It Fade Away

    Atiramo - Don't Let It Fade Away 05:07 Release date ⁰⁴ ᵐᵃʳ ²⁰²² SPOTIFY | APPLE MUSIC | DEEZER | TIDAL
  2. D

    Sharing my new song with the psy family <3

    Hello, my friends. I am so happy to tell you that I just finished my song. I really want to share it with you and get you feedback on it ;) I created the lyrics to this song trying to understand why there is so much hate and separation between us humans in this world. It leaves me confused when...


    ✨✨✨ Phaxe & Ghost Rider ✨✨✨ PASSION #Progressive RELEASE DATE: 2020-03-27 LABEL: #Iboga_Records ❤️
  4. Ewgen

    9. Aural Sud LP

    Hi community ! Here from Misiones, Argentina , featuring my first release: 9. Aural Sud LP mathematicianrecords Out on march 9th 2020. here`s an album review. Enjoy! Peace up!
  5. Loonytrip


    GameOfSounds young wild & psychedelic
  6. Loonytrip

    GameOfSounds - young wild & psychedelic

    GameOfSounds young wild & psychedelic
  7. OtherWorld

    OtherWorld - Sacred Transmission - Mutagen Records - Out Now

    OtherWorld - Sacred Transmission - OUT NOW! We're proud to share with the psychedelic underground community on #psymusicuk. Our first release is out now for Beatport Exclusive on Mutagen Records. OtherWorld's first proper psychedelic Transmission begins with three massive tracks. Starting...
  8. GlobalSect

    Median Project - In the Depths of Space (Global Sect Music, 2018) - Release date: 31 January!

    Median Project - In the Depths of Space (Global Sect Music, 2018) Pre-orders with special price: digital, CDs and amazing uv-backdrops: In the infinite space of the Cosmos, a countless number of stars exists in inconceivable way, among which lives...

    Atiramo - Kaleidoscapisim

    ♫♪ Kaleidoscapism 06:23 An imaginary musical kaleidoscope that rolls into a psychedelic party and rotates a pure escapist experience. The very long name is actually a combination of two words: "kaleidoscope" and "escapism". An inevitable combination if you think about it for a moment (or2:)...