1. GuilleHerrero

    This is my new track just released guys!! Please check it and tell me what you think :D It will mean a lot ?❤️

  2. Deleted member 16491


    Sometimes (OK, all times, lately) I struggle to just sit my arse down and experiment in the studio. What I will do however is get on youtube, and occasionally find a video that makes me want to write. This is one of them: also this kind of thing: You?
  3. N

    Gorup channel

    Does any one know how to solve this problem. When u group kick-bass u add bus compesor-eq etc later when u do mixdown kick and bass are one loop who to add processes 2 both but keep to loops
  4. P

    New psytrance plug-in instrument for Win & Mac

    Hello friends, I would like to share positive feedback with you. I have bought new Psytrance plugin instrument a few days ago. I am very happy with it. Demo version for download is available at product page. If you are interested to learn more check this video Have a nice day. Psyflowering
  5. B

    Groove Clips Ableton

    Hey folks, i recently watched a Futurephonic Tuturial where they used a 16th groove for a bass on an audiotrack in cubase. I was wondering if that works on ableton as well. I know about the groove pool for grooveclips but i dunno how to use them on a audio track. hope u get me, cheers
  6. K

    How to make this sound?

    Hi, Im a relative beginner in the production world, and I would like to get some advice on how to be able to produce a certain sound. For reference, please take a moment to listen to this track by On3: The relevant part begins at about 02:15, the synth part on the background that becomes...
  7. Convolva

    Software Psy Trance Full Track from Scratch Series in FL Studio

    Link - Here, I will show you my process of creating a progressive Psy Trance track. This series will be just me working on the track without any explanation. Although if you do have any questions regarding anything that I do in these videos, then just send me a mail at with...