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  1. Dj Django Music

    Dolby Caramel - Life Explorers

    Hey, music Explorers! The new single track release 'Life Explorers' by Dolby Caramel is now available for Pre-Order on Bandcamp and Beatport. The date of release is on December 18th. Secure your copy now and be part of the music exploration in Life and Multiverse beyond! -LINKS- BANDCAMP...
  2. K

    Progressive Psytrance Kan Jagger - The Journey Podcasts

    Hi folks, here's a "cupid" Deep Prog special edition of my debuting podcast. Currently at volume 4 and hopefully more and better to come. Check out the latest one if you got the time. I am re-debuting my career after 8 years of break, now in the world of Trance, I'll fetch a short bio below for...
  3. Atopia

    NEW MUSIC: Sunday Mood Vol.3 Set (Out Now)

    Smooth Progressive Beats, perfect for the Wintertime Link: Link 2: Have a listen and hit the like button to support me. And more importantly, let me know how you think about the Set !! ??
  4. Druid2015

    Different World(Off The Grid )Back In The Mixcloud Charts

  5. F

    Record Label New Record Label - Mahamudra Records

    Hello guys, we would love to invite you to know more about our new label, our artists and our events!
  6. F

    Progressive Psytrance Progressive Psytrance Dj Set by Fractalik. July 2022

    Hello people of the world. I would love to share this awesome Dj Set I made for all of you. Enjoy!
  7. Arrábida

    NEW RELEASE! Progtrance by KADUM! "Pó de Guaraná" [Arrábida Records]

    We are very proud of this one! Kadum is a amazing artist, a true musician. This 7 track work is superb! Starting out with a remix from Amonati's hit "Pó de Guaraná" that also gives the record its name, the whole vibe is uplifting. Great quality control by Karmazon mastering also, and carefull...
  8. Atopia

    UPWARD RECORDS - New Track Atopia - Timelapse out now on all platforms!

    Fleeting moments can become an eternity standing on the floor. You forget the time and a moment feels like you are stuck in a time warp and all the time in this world would only belong to you! My new track Timelapse can be heard on all platforms from today. To the track...
  9. Atopia

    ATOPIA - Inner Voice ( Out Now!!! )

    Link: In den heutigen Zeiten von instagram und Co, ist es leicht sich von anderen beeinflussen zu lassen. Warum ist man nicht einfach man selbst und hört auf seine Innere Stimme, auf sein Selbst. Letztendlich kann man doch nur die beste Version seiner Selbst sein...
  10. Atopia

    Atopia - Realities (Now available on all digital platforms) !!!

    Finally the time has come. A new chapter in which a lot of time and love has gone. My first track on a label. Have a listen and hit the like button to support me. And more importantly, let me know how you think about the track !! ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖ Atopia - Realities (Now available on all digital...
  11. Atopia

    Progressive Psytrance Set / ATOPIA - Sunday Mood

    Perfect Set for the Summer and that special mood. Let me know what you think! Listen on: Soundcloud


    ✨✨✨ Sonic Entity ✨✨✨ CYBER FRAME #Progressive #Psytrance RELEASE DATE: 2020-03-23 LABEL: #TechSafari_Rec
  13. D

    Psychedelic Trance 2 new tracks!

  14. Loonytrip


    GameOfSounds young wild & psychedelic
  15. D

    Psychedelic Trance Denstrow - A few new tracks

    Neck Deep Gong - Master Builder (Denstrow remake) (demo) This Machine Pwns n00bs
  16. Loonytrip

    Li_Or New Style Track's

  17. Solatnight

    Psychedelic Trance Katalepsis - PT Connection gig 24-2-18

    So I have been mixing away on my PC for a while now (as my Mixcloud account will attest) but I have recently started playing at gigs around the city. This particular one is a set I played opening for Mekkanika in The Wiley Fox. I had a great time playing (to a sparsely populated club as I was...
  18. Convolva

    Need a review for my latest track!

    Here is my remix of the amazing track by Nicky Romero and Florian Picasso - Only For you Love with a psychedelic twist- Also, if you enjoyed the track, please hit the heart button on splice to support...
  19. Convolva

    Software Psy Trance Full Track from Scratch Series in FL Studio

    Link - Here, I will show you my process of creating a progressive Psy Trance track. This series will be just me working on the track without any explanation. Although if you do have any questions regarding anything that I do in these videos, then just send me a mail at with...