progressive psy trance

  1. Atopia

    Atopia - Realities (Now available on all digital platforms) !!!

    Finally the time has come. A new chapter in which a lot of time and love has gone. My first track on a label. Have a listen and hit the like button to support me. And more importantly, let me know how you think about the track !! ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖ Atopia - Realities (Now available on all digital...
  2. Atopia

    Progressive Psytrance Set / ATOPIA - Sunday Mood

    Perfect Set for the Summer and that special mood. Let me know what you think! Listen on: Soundcloud


    ✨✨✨ Sonic Entity ✨✨✨ CYBER FRAME #Progressive #Psytrance RELEASE DATE: 2020-03-23 LABEL: #TechSafari_Rec
  4. D

    Psychedelic Trance 2 new tracks!

  5. Loonytrip


    GameOfSounds young wild & psychedelic
  6. D

    Psychedelic Trance Denstrow - A few new tracks

    Neck Deep Gong - Master Builder (Denstrow remake) (demo) This Machine Pwns n00bs
  7. Loonytrip

    Li_Or New Style Track's

  8. Solatnight

    Psychedelic Trance Katalepsis - PT Connection gig 24-2-18

    So I have been mixing away on my PC for a while now (as my Mixcloud account will attest) but I have recently started playing at gigs around the city. This particular one is a set I played opening for Mekkanika in The Wiley Fox. I had a great time playing (to a sparsely populated club as I was...
  9. Convolva

    Need a review for my latest track!

    Here is my remix of the amazing track by Nicky Romero and Florian Picasso - Only For you Love with a psychedelic twist- Also, if you enjoyed the track, please hit the heart button on splice to support...
  10. Convolva

    Software Psy Trance Full Track from Scratch Series in FL Studio

    Link - Here, I will show you my process of creating a progressive Psy Trance track. This series will be just me working on the track without any explanation. Although if you do have any questions regarding anything that I do in these videos, then just send me a mail at with...