progressive psytrance

  1. Atopia

    Progressive Psytrance ATOPIA - Fundamental

    Check out my latest release Fundamental ! Let me know what you think. More Music: Atopia Alben & Singles Playlist: Atopia Sets & Mixes Playlist: Find me On: Youtube: Soundcloud:
  2. psyabit

    Psyabit, from bits to psychedelic trance music!

    Hi folks! My first release is out there, Fun Time - EP. Stream on Spotify & Apple Music. Buy on Bandcamp.
  3. JSarson

    Progressive Psytrance Dj Wooden Crystal Spiritual psychedelic progressive goes selection Vol 1

    ThIs session is a mixture of pychedelic progressive Goa Trance that contains music in the modern progressive and psychedelic Trance genre, with emphasis on spiritual groovy beats and powerful uplifting baselines and leads. A hand picked musical stunning journey that takes you in to the spiritual...
  4. lurk

    Lurk - Catnipped ClusterFuck (techno to psy mix)

    so as usual when the wife n kids go away, i take the opportunity to get deep down and dirty and have some hot decks action. All was going well, until the very last track when one of our new kittens maaged to get in to the room, jump on the decks table and land precisely on the button that...

    Spinney Lainey - New Beginnings - Reson8 Music - RESON8012 - OUT NOW

    Hi everyone, Spinney Lainey's new EP, featuring the eponym track "New Beginnings" in collaboration with A Robot Comes to Her and released on Pulsar and Elegy's Reson8 Music label, is out now on Beatport! Here are two beautiful pieces of...
  6. Jessica B

    0dB - 'Tarantism' (furthur progression records)

    Upcoming release on Furthur Progressions Records Name: 0dB - Tarantism Release: Tarantism Date: 19th March 0db - Furthur Progression & Reversible Records is the progressive psychedelic project from Justin Blij who originally hails from Cape Town, South Africa but is now based downunder in...