progressive trance

  1. Atopia

    NEW MUSIC: Sunday Mood Vol.3 Set (Out Now)

    Smooth Progressive Beats, perfect for the Wintertime Link: Link 2: Have a listen and hit the like button to support me. And more importantly, let me know how you think about the Set !! ??
  2. Atopia

    Atopia - Euphoria (Progressive Psytrance 2022)

    Happy to release my fourth track. What a nice journey till now. Hope to reach out more people in the future an transport emotions with my music. Let me know what you think!!! LINK:
  3. Arrábida

    NEW RELEASE! Progtrance by KADUM! "Pó de Guaraná" [Arrábida Records]

    We are very proud of this one! Kadum is a amazing artist, a true musician. This 7 track work is superb! Starting out with a remix from Amonati's hit "Pó de Guaraná" that also gives the record its name, the whole vibe is uplifting. Great quality control by Karmazon mastering also, and carefull...
  4. Atopia

    UPWARD RECORDS - New Track Atopia - Timelapse out now on all platforms!

    Fleeting moments can become an eternity standing on the floor. You forget the time and a moment feels like you are stuck in a time warp and all the time in this world would only belong to you! My new track Timelapse can be heard on all platforms from today. To the track...
  5. D

    Progressive Psytrance A couple of oldies (revamped)

    A couple of old tracks from the early '00s, that I recently revamped. Bubbles Stardust
  6. D

    Progressive Psytrance Bawrut - Drum Beat (Denstrow Boot)

    A progressive psytrance version of Bawrut's "Drum Beat" Bawrut - Drum Beat (Denstrow Boot)
  7. Atopia

    Progressive Psytrance ATOPIA - Fundamental

    Check out my latest release Fundamental ! Let me know what you think. More Music: Atopia Alben & Singles Playlist: Atopia Sets & Mixes Playlist: Find me On: Youtube: Soundcloud:
  8. D

    Psychedelic Trance e A live set recorded during the Great Coronavirus Quarantine of 2020

  9. D

    Psychedelic Trance A dj set Ι recorded for

    Enjoy! Tracklist: 01 Supersillyus - Trancendental Medication 02 Hallucinogen - Horrorgram (Remix) 03 Hux Flux - Error Head Redeaux (Hux Flux remix) 04 Etnica & Tsuyoshi Suzuki - Thunderbolt 05 Denstrow - Bleen (remix) 06 Prometheus - The Logic Of The Polyphonic 07 Grant Darshan - Mutant 08...
  10. D

    Psychedelic Trance 2 new tracks!

  11. D

    Psychedelic Trance Psytrance Mix 06-12-19

    Tracklist: 01 Supersillyus - Trancendental Medication 02 Hallucinogen - Horrorgram (Remix) 03 Denstrow - Cybister 04 Electric Sheep - Futureshock 05 Grant Darshan - Mutant 06 Sun Project & X-Dream & Tsuyoshi Suzuki - Audio Drugs 07 Bumbling Loons - Mirage 08 Prometheus - Golden Triangle 09...
  12. D

    Psytrance Mix 01-10-19

    New mix for you to enjoy! Tracklist: 01 4D - Night Rider 02 Magic Moose - Goblin Trail 03 Kleiman - Short Storey Teller 04 Cosmic Trigger - Subgenius 05 Zombie Apocalypse - Trouble in the Maidens Quarters 06 Graham Wood - Spaced In 07 Code Therapy - Take some time for acid 08 Unconscious...
  13. D

    Psychedelic Trance Denstrow - New tracks, free downloads

    Some new tracks over at Bandcamp, now free to download:
  14. Xamanist

    Xamanist - Out of Time [ALBUM]: Out now on SY Records

    Artist: Xamanist Album: Out of Time Label: SY Records Artwork: Peter Paxx Release date: September 16th 2019 Samples: Buy it here: I have the pleasure and the excitement to announce that my third album "Out of Time" is out now...
  15. D

    Psychedelic Trance Denstow - Two new tracks!

    Hello ppl... Here's two tracks for you over at Soundcloud: Enjoy!
  16. D

    Denstrow - Brawler EP

    A new EP is now available on Bandcamp (other stores to follow soon)! Including a remake of Hallucinogen's classic tune "LSD". Enjoy!
  17. D

    Psychedelic Trance Hallucinogen - LSD (Denstrow Remake)

    A remake of Simon Posford's classic tune.
  18. D

    Psychedelic Trance Denstrow - Psytrance Mix 30-12-18

    Tracklist: 01 Progus - Lucy 02 Backsliderz - Stellar Crusaders 03 Flucturion 2.0 - Hidden Prospect 04 The Zap - Balloonatik 05 Spoonhead - The Armadillo's Legacy 06 Squarking Jazz - Buddha's Whisper 07 Cypher - Riding On A White Rabbit 08 Strontium Dogs - Taste Of Whip 09 Shakta & Cosmosis -...
  19. D

    Progressive Psytrance DJ Beat Bean - Progressive Trance November 2018

    New Set! Play
  20. D

    Denstrow - Eisjeiz

    A funky little number - enjoy!