1. Atopia

    Atopia - Euphoria (Progressive Psytrance 2022)

    Happy to release my fourth track. What a nice journey till now. Hope to reach out more people in the future an transport emotions with my music. Let me know what you think!!! LINK:
  2. Arrábida

    NEW RELEASE! Progtrance by KADUM! "Pó de Guaraná" [Arrábida Records]

    We are very proud of this one! Kadum is a amazing artist, a true musician. This 7 track work is superb! Starting out with a remix from Amonati's hit "Pó de Guaraná" that also gives the record its name, the whole vibe is uplifting. Great quality control by Karmazon mastering also, and carefull...
  3. OtherWorld

    Absolute Psy - Set 8 – Deep Progressive Psy 100/136 - 140bpm

    Set 8 is full of some classics you know & others you love. This show takes us deeper into the progressive side of psytrance, be prepared for a mega fluffy loved up journey as we take you on some proper cool twists & turns. You'll be jumping like crazy as we start the vibrations from a deep and...


    ✨✨✨ Phaxe & Ghost Rider ✨✨✨ PASSION #Progressive RELEASE DATE: 2020-03-27 LABEL: #Iboga_Records ❤️


    ✨✨✨ Sonic Entity ✨✨✨ CYBER FRAME #Progressive #Psytrance RELEASE DATE: 2020-03-23 LABEL: #TechSafari_Rec


    Lydia SHAMANIC VOICES #Progressive #Psytrance RELEASE DATE: 2020-03-23 LABEL: #Sol_Music
  7. Fido X

    Fido X - my latest work

    Hi there ! Here's my latest work. I hope you'll enjoy it. Fido X - Artificial Organisms (Original Mix) Youtube link : Best
  8. Loonytrip


    GameOfSounds young wild & psychedelic
  9. E

    Digital Duvet | Perpetual Loop - Broken Binary Beats (the paradigm series Vol. 2)

    Digital Duvet Records is proud to announce the latest release from Perpetual Loop Artist : Perpetual Loop Title : Broken Binary Beats - the paradigm series vol. 2 Style: Breaks, Psy-chill, downtempo, ambient, slow-progressive Release Date : 19th July 2019 Buy...
  10. Loonytrip

    Li_Or New Style Track's

  11. D

    Progressive Psytrance DJ Beat Bean - Progressive Trance November 2018

    New Set! Play
  12. CollectiveONE

    DJ CollectiveONE ૐ Monthly Psytrance Mixes ૐ
  13. Cyberg

    Progressive Psytrance Quantum Groove

    Quantum Groove 013 A 2 hour Progressive & PsyTrance journey. I try to do a new mix every month if I get the time. Hope you enjoy. Thanks!
  14. Plethora

    Plethora - Dawn of Doom

    Bandcamp: Soundcloud:
  15. Climactic Records

    Reverse Psychology - Psytrance Mixed VA

    Reverse Psychology - Climactic Records VA RELEASE DATE 2018-07-20 LABEL Climactic Records CATALOG CR057 It's dark and Light, It's Fast and slow, enough of the info.. On with the show! ... More mind melting tracks from all over the globe, get out your glows sticks dugga gugga we go...
  16. M.Aviv music 2010

    M.Aviv music (Official)

    M.Aviv Music producer ♪ This is my main account with genres like: Goa - PsyTrance - Trance - Fullon - Progressive - melodic - - Other...
  17. M.Aviv music 2010

    A project I'd worked on in the past.

    A project I'd worked on in the past, and now I'm back on it again.
  18. P

    Permacult Psytrance, Psychill and Hi-Tech at all tempos FACEBOOK: SOUNDCLOUD: VIDEOS:
  19. I

    Dj EyEball - The Return!

    Music fans, I have been away for a few years bringing up a family. The urge to Dj never left and I am now looking to gig again.
  20. P

    Patrick Tchaikovsky - Cosmic wave

    Hi Everyone. How do you like me new, trance track?