1. Melusine Records

    E-MANTRA -Silence 2 Out Now

    Get the release from here : Here we meet again dear friends After 8 years since my Silence I Album i decided to continue the story . 7 tracks created on several beautiful locations are waiting for you to be explored . Available in 24 bits and mastered by Peter ( Artifact303) Enjoy E-Mantra...
  2. easotone

    Arborean - The Source

    Hi All! I'm proud to announce my new release - The Source by Arborean. This is 6 tracks in a downtempo vibe but still quite heavy and dark. Spotify iTunes Apple Music Deezer Tidal kkbox Amazon Bandcamp
  3. E

    Digital Duvet | Perpetual Loop - Broken Binary Beats (the paradigm series Vol. 2)

    Digital Duvet Records is proud to announce the latest release from Perpetual Loop Artist : Perpetual Loop Title : Broken Binary Beats - the paradigm series vol. 2 Style: Breaks, Psy-chill, downtempo, ambient, slow-progressive Release Date : 19th July 2019 Buy...