Psychedelic Trance DJ Sarana - Reflection

    “Reflection” takes you on a journey of hypnotic psychedelic beats that cascades you into an explosion of driving up-tempo energy, harmonic breakdowns and carefully created track selection, that reflects DJ Sarana’s stage presence, energy and is her latest promotional DJ mix – available for...
  2. Hexaliohm

    Hexaliohm - Divine Being

    Artist: Hexaliohm Title: Divine Being Format: Digital Release Release: 2024.03.22 Catalog: CAT992652 Tracklist 1 - Hexaliohm - Divine Being Writer: Hexaliohm Producer: Hexaliohm Mastering: Hexaliohm Artwork: Hexaliohm Listen and download Follow us...
  3. Hexaliohm

    Hexaliohm - Synthetic Society

    “Is the world fundamentally a better place because of science and technology?” Artist: Hexaliohm Title: Synthetic Society Format: Digital Release Release: 2024.02.23 Catalog: CAT992593 Tracklist 1 - Hexaliohm - Synthetic Society Writer: Hexaliohm Producer: Hexaliohm Mastering: Hexaliohm...
  4. Hexaliohm

    Hexaliohm - World of Perception

    “The only reality that any of us truly experience is the world of perception, within end our minds” Artist: Hexaliohm Title: World of Perception Format: Digital Release Release: 2024.01.26 Catalog: CAT974212 Tracklist: 1 - Hexaliohm - World of Perception Writer: Hexaliohm Producer: Hexaliohm...
  5. Know Peace

    Psychedelic Trance [Demo] Know Peace - The Taste Of Caustic Soda

    .: The taste of caustic soda :. A Psychedelic Trance sonic evolving break through. Written after experiencing the divine. Worked on this track for an age nearly giving up after one earth year. Like all my music something just clicked and slotted into the puzzle. Know Peace
  6. Hexaliohm

    Hexaliohm - Boom EP

    From the old dream to be part of this unique experience called Boom Festival, this tribute was born in form of music. Artist: Hexaliohm Title: Boom Format: Digital Release Release: 2023.03.31 Catalog: CAT793521 Tracklist: 1 - Hexaliohm - Boom 1 - Hexaliohm - Dance Temple 1 - Hexaliohm -...
  7. Druid2015

    On The Grid (Staying Focused)142Bpm

  8. F

    Record Label New Record Label - Mahamudra Records

    Hello guys, we would love to invite you to know more about our new label, our artists and our events!
  9. F

    Progressive Psytrance Progressive Psytrance Dj Set by Fractalik. July 2022

    Hello people of the world. I would love to share this awesome Dj Set I made for all of you. Enjoy!
  10. F

    NEW SINGLE. Nada Brahma by Fractalik

    Hello people of the world, I just finished and launched this track in July, hope you like it!
  11. Hexaliohm

    Hexaliohm - Binary Device

    Artist: Hexaliohm Title: Binary Device Label: - Format: Digital Release Release: 2022.06.10 Catalog: HEX006 Tracklist: 1 - Hexaliohm - Binary Device Released on 2022.06.10 Writer: Hexaliohm Producer: Hexaliohm Mastering: Hexaliohm Artwork: FLN Listen and free download...
  12. Know Peace

    Psychedelic Trance Know Peace Psy Tech/ Trance Session 23 04 2022 Portsmouth Underground Radio [MIX]


    Atiramo - Don't Let It Fade Away

    Atiramo - Don't Let It Fade Away 05:07 Release date ⁰⁴ ᵐᵃʳ ²⁰²² SPOTIFY | APPLE MUSIC | DEEZER | TIDAL
  14. Hexaliohm

    Hexaliohm - Deep Inside

    Artist: Hexaliohm Title: Deep Inside Label: - Format: Digital Release Release: 2022.03.04 Catalog: HEX004 Tracklist: 1 - Hexaliohm - Deep Inside Deep inside, there're melodies that touch the soul, more than words. Released on 2022.03.004 Writer: Hexaliohm Producer: Hexaliohm Mastering...
  15. tazz

    Artist Interview: Eternity

    Artist: Eternity Date: 23-02-22 Interview by: Psyland Web Radio –Welcome to Psyland Nikos. Lets’ introduce yourself to our beloved Psylanders. – Hello Psylanders, I want to thank you guys for inviting me to this new web radio project and I wish you all the best with this new start!! So my...
  16. tazz

    Artist Interview: Balliou

    Artist: Balliou Date: 28-07-21 Interview by: Psyland Web Radio – Hello Balliou! We are so glad to have an interview with you! Tell us a few words about yourself. – Hello! Thank you for inviting me to your interview and congratulations for the online radio! It’s something that was missing in...
  17. tazz

    A Newborn Psychedelic Web Radio in Greece

    Hello psy people, In recent years, I am really glad to see the psychedelic music scene constantly evolving, while adopting a solid structure of principles like love for each other, equality, living in harmony with nature, and spirituality. New psy labels and artists sprout all over the world...
  18. Hexaliohm

    Hexaliohm - Alien Kinesis

    Artist: Hexaliohm Title: Alien Kinesis Label: - Format: Digital Release Release: 2021.12.22 Catalog: HEX003 Tracklis: 1 - Hexaliohm - Alien Kinesis The truth, is out there. Can you see? It's the sign. Writer: Hexaliohm Producer: Hexaliohm Mastering: Hexaliohm Artwork: E-art Listen on...
  19. Hexaliohm

    Hexaliohm - Ether Enigma EP

    Artist: Hexaliohm Title: Ether Enigma Label: - Format: Digital Release Release: 2021.11.19 Catalog: HEX002 Tracklist: 1 - Hexaliohm - Ether Enigma 2 - Hexaliohm - Right Behind A wild dive on the ether's path to the depths of outer space. A psychedelic journey full of lysergic atmospheres...
  20. Hexaliohm

    Hexaliohm - Another Simulation

    Artist: Hexaliohm Title: Another Simulation Label: - Format: Digital Release Release: 2021.07.09 Catalog: HEX001 Tracklist: 1 - Hexaliohm - Another Simulation How did we know that the real world isn't just another simulation? Released on 2021.07.09 Writer: Hexaliohm Producer: Hexaliohm...