1. Know Peace

    Other Music (Psychedelic Drum and Bass)[DEMO] Know Peace - Weaving Vibrations

    ..:Weaving Vibrations:.. Is a Psychedelic drum and bass journey. Increasingly more complex synth programming in each track I weave. This track has lots of energy and showcases my unique style. Know Peace
  2. Know Peace

    Psychedelic Trance Know Peace Psy Trance Session 09 04 2022 Portsmouth Underground Radio [MIX]

    Know Peace Psy Trance Session 09 04 2022 Portsmouth Underground Radio *Slight sound drops from mic compression For track I.Ds please message or comment. Mixing to share and showcase some of the best newest music I can find with no intention to infringe any rights...
  3. Hexaliohm

    Hexaliohm - Alien Kinesis

    Artist: Hexaliohm Title: Alien Kinesis Label: - Format: Digital Release Release: 2021.12.22 Catalog: HEX003 Tracklis: 1 - Hexaliohm - Alien Kinesis The truth, is out there. Can you see? It's the sign. Writer: Hexaliohm Producer: Hexaliohm Mastering: Hexaliohm Artwork: E-art Listen on...
  4. Hexaliohm

    Hexaliohm - Ether Enigma EP

    Artist: Hexaliohm Title: Ether Enigma Label: - Format: Digital Release Release: 2021.11.19 Catalog: HEX002 Tracklist: 1 - Hexaliohm - Ether Enigma 2 - Hexaliohm - Right Behind A wild dive on the ether's path to the depths of outer space. A psychedelic journey full of lysergic atmospheres...
  5. Hexaliohm

    Hexaliohm - Another Simulation

    Artist: Hexaliohm Title: Another Simulation Label: - Format: Digital Release Release: 2021.07.09 Catalog: HEX001 Tracklist: 1 - Hexaliohm - Another Simulation How did we know that the real world isn't just another simulation? Released on 2021.07.09 Writer: Hexaliohm Producer: Hexaliohm...
  6. MindSelected

    New Progressive Psytrance SET !

    Youtube Link : SoundCloud Link :
  7. MindSelected

    Psytrance SET (OldSchool)

    Hello guys another set with skazi, skimo, growling machines, infectedmushroom etc. YouTube Link: SoundCloud Link:
  8. MindSelected


    Progressive Psytrance SET released by Mind Selected ! Enjoy it. YouTube Link : SoundCloud Link :
  9. MindSelected

    Progressive Psytrance SET (2) XD

    Progressive Psytrance SET released by Mind Selected ! Enjoy it. YouTube Link : SoundCloud Link :
  10. OtherWorld

    Set 7 – Full On Twilight Psy 147 - 148

    This set is dedicated to my Queen Ponura, and we defiantly share the same heart in music, life and art - Set 7 - Full On Twilight Psytrance 147-148: This show comes out of the block full on, hard and prime from that twilight session, carrying you deeper into the night. Come with me and we will...
  11. OtherWorld

    Absolute Psy - Set 6 Jump up Prog Psytrance 143bpm

    Set 6 - Jump up psytrance is the lively more explosive side of psy. This show is dedicated to my little bro's. The rooted power comes deep from the Israeli synthases, combined with the most intense kick & bass drops, locks 'n' pops, this show is guaranteed to blow your socks off & get you moving...
  12. OtherWorld

    Absolute Psy - Set 5 Fluffy Psytrance

    If your looking for Fluffy Progressive Psychedelic Trance then come and check out Absolute Psy - Set 5 Up on Mixcloud now! - Link to all sets in one place on our website! -
  13. MindSelected

    Agressive Progressive Psy-trance in 145 BPM free download on soundcloud



    ✨✨✨ E-Clip ✨✨✨ SHUMA #Psytrance #Psyprog RELEASE DATE: 2011-01-05 LABEL: #Yellow_Sunshine_Explosion


    ✨✨Infected Mushroom✨✨ ONLY SOLUTIONS #Psytrance RELEASE DATE: 2020-03-16 LABEL: #Monstercat ❤️
  16. Dr.B

    ~ Dr.B ~ Space Invaders EP ~

    Hello folks, I Proud to present to you my new psychedelic project: Dr.B Here some links to Space Invaders EP Soundcloud : : Enjoy it Loud ! a Grooveharmony Production 2020
  17. xubuntu

    Psycomics - Episode 1 (Improved)

  18. Dj Django Music

    OUT NOW Koera Noera - Cyber Forest

    Koera Noera is the forest/dark psytrance project of Dj Django Music. 'Cyber Forest' is the official debut track of the project released on Mushlight Records. Exclusive link: -Project:Koera Noera -Title:Cyber Forest -BPM:175 -Produced, mixed&mastered @Mushlight Studios by Dj Django. -Released...
  19. Swiss Mix

    Hello psymusic forums!

    My name is Swiss Mix. I love psy. I make psy and have been for around a year now
  20. Loonytrip

    GameOfSounds - young wild & psychedelic

    GameOfSounds young wild & psychedelic