1. Loonytrip


  2. Shadownightlp Music

    Djungle Vibes

    Hello there here is a new track called jungle vibes ! What do you think of it?
  3. Evhz

    Psychedelic Trance Fresh psychedelic Forest

    Everherz is a psychedelic Forest project born in 2014 in the Basque country. Tracks are deep sonic journeys, sometimes describe concrete spaces with own dimension. The sound is made with rich groovy bass line, dense atmospheric dynamics, cured percussion... much tuned with nighty-like...
  4. S

    Ektoplazm - SubConsciousMind - Symphonies of Life

    Ektoplazm is happy to present a new album by Swiss musician SubConsciousMind. Symphonies of Life, his fifth full-length release, explores different aspects of the human experience: Patience, Truth, Consciousness, Destruction, Love, Creation, Beauty, Humility, and Trust. This is an album that...
  5. P

    Patrick Tchaikovsky - Cosmic wave

    Hi Everyone. How do you like me new, trance track?
  6. Convolva

    Need a review for my latest track!

    Here is my remix of the amazing track by Nicky Romero and Florian Picasso - Only For you Love with a psychedelic twist- Also, if you enjoyed the track, please hit the heart button on splice to support...
  7. GlobalSect

    DEBUT ALBUM OF MEDIAN PROJECT released by Global Sect

    PREORDER: In the infinite space of the Cosmos, a countless number of stars exists in an inconceivable way, among which lives an unimaginable number of beings. Powerful ancient civilizations observe the development of new forms of life, capable of the evolution...
  8. djsteveJ

    Samples packs for PSY music.

    Hello guys.I am DJ and i often use some good samples packs for psy music:
  9. kikkimikki

    Guitarist looking for PSY/DUB DJ

    Guitarist living in Norway looking for a DJ who are serious and interested in collaboration. I want to combine the 60S PSYCHEDELIC JAM GUITAR from JERRY GARCIA/JIMI HENDRIX/BEATLES with MODERN PSYCHEDELICS. I have a lot of references to send and would love to chat. I also made a video which...
  10. Loonytrip

    remember !!

  11. P

    Psychedelic Experiences Volume 2 ( Full-On Psytrance Mix)

    Fresh Full-on psytrance mix recorded 15.09.2017 Featuring: Labirinto+ Earthspace- Technicolor Dreams (Makida Remix) ECLIPSE ECHOES/TERRA PURA- Time Wheel Spinal Fusion+ James West- Dream Into Reality Terra Pura+ Spiritual Mind- Ancient Pipe Sonic Species+ Imagine Mars- Fly Machine Double...
  12. 1i.psy

    Progressive Psytrance 1i - Step Back

    New driving offbeat tune from myself. Please follow / like / repost if you have enjoyed it. Also it's a free download! Please let me know if you are using it within a mix. Thank you, Liam.