1. oCeLoT

    Mista Pista goes full-tilt with "Velas ao Vento"

    Velas ao Vento roughly equates to the English expression "3 sheets to the wind" in reference to sailing vessels of yore operating at full-tilt. Our story begins as Mista Pista tries to corral his crew of belligerent supposed-sailors onboard the grand tri-sailed caravela known as Ergot Sum. One...
  2. Dj Django Music

    Koera Noera - The Cyber Dragon Saga

    I'm super excited to announce my upcoming release, "Koera Noera - The Cyber Dragon Saga," a remastered and reworked version of the first two tracks from this project. Feel welcome to a journey through the epic world of Koera Noera, my dark/forest psytrance project. 🚀 Experience the tracks like...

    MINDALA - Dream Star (Remix)

    MINDALA - Dream Star (Remix) Someone's Opinion Of You , Does Not Have To Become , YOUR REALITY! 143 BPM Psychedelic Trance Experience, Equipped With Powerful Kick & Bass , Surrounded With Magical Sounds. © Music Written ,Mixed and Produced By MINDALA Listen ➡ https://linktr.ee/MINDALA
  4. Atopia

    Artist ATOPIA

    Atopia - Psytrance Artist / Producer / DJ My musical Style can be described as a symbiosis of pulsating progressive beats and spherical elements of psytrance. As Atopia I make music due the fact that I want to hand back to music what it has given me all these years. It's all about that special...
  5. Insect Menace

    Psychedelic Trance FUNICULAR - Full track out soon for download!

    Playing around not so much with AI, but certainly pushing the limits of a blurry world in the future whereby humans will be up against music 100% created by the computer. Keep it fun, "Human Only Parties" are on their way!