psychedelic goa trance

  1. D

    Psychedelic Trance Process - Cryogen (Denstrow remix)

    Process - Cryogen (Denstrow remix)
  2. tokiboun

    Psychedelic Trance Dj set Tokiboun - Papy Goa - R.I.P

    Playlist : 01 - 1200 Micrograms - The Changa_ Zone - Original Mix) 02 - Ajja - Bazinga -(Original Mix) 03 - Nukleall & Contineum - Mushroom Trackers -(Original Mix) 04 - Ananda Shake & Faders - Acid Waves -(Original Mix) 05 - Electric Universe - Nebula -(Original Mix) 06 - Spirit Architect-...


    ✨✨✨ E-Clip ✨✨✨ SHUMA #Psytrance #Psyprog RELEASE DATE: 2011-01-05 LABEL: #Yellow_Sunshine_Explosion
  4. Dj Django Music

    OUT NOW_G.O.A Monks - FMPsy

    G.O.A Monks and Dj Django Music proudly presents 'FMPsy' single track release. A body mover and soul groover track that is destined to make you dance like never before and bring bright psychedelic trance smiles to the dancefloors worldwide. A psy-blaster, an audio spaceship for an endless...
  5. Archytek

    Psychedelic Trance Psychedelic mix by Archytek

    Hi! I just want to share my new mix here :) Hope you enjoy.
  6. OtherWorld

    OtherWorld - Bansuri Sunrise EP02 - Mutagen Records - Out Now

    OtherWorld - Bansuri Sunrise EP02 - Beatport Exclusive Out Now! Delve deep into the OtherWolrd where time ceases to exist, be prepared for another full on chart ripping experience! Out Soon On Mutagen Records - Beatport Exclusive OUT NOW - Everywhere else 20/05/19! OtherWorld - Bansuri Sunrise...
  7. AUManoid

    AUManoid – Starship Experience [432 Hz Psytrance]

    Finally, the long awaited baby is born! AUManoid's debut album is OUT NOW!!! Digital release available on Bandcamp for download [24Bits version]. Physical copies of the album will be available later on. Bandcamp link: This first album is the result of years of work and practice on...
  8. ¤CloCkTaiL¤ ¤RecordS¤

    Aranyo Vs Edessey - Chemical Sunday CLOCKDG014 by ClockTail Rec

    ClockTail Records proudly present a new discovery, real artifact for dance floors all around the globe! Collaboration between two psy-trance producers Aranyo (Audrius Kurgonas) from Lithuania and Edessey (Edgar Zbucinsky) from Latvia. Cooperation ended up with a main floor killer "Chemical...