#psychedelic trance

  1. M

    New release on youtube. go listen and sub.

    Psytrance from Helsinki.
  2. Atopia

    Progressive Psytrance ATOPIA - Fundamental

    Check out my latest release Fundamental ! Let me know what you think. More Music: Atopia Alben & Singles Playlist: bit.ly/3hSTXuc Atopia Sets & Mixes Playlist: bit.ly/2Vbs6Mi Find me On: Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCQpWVSLYcQHljqurs8fMHBQ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/atopiamusic...
  3. Atopia

    Artist ATOPIA

    Atopia - Psytrance Artist / Producer / DJ My musical Style can be described as a symbiosis of pulsating progressive beats and spherical elements of psytrance. As Atopia I make music due the fact that I want to hand back to music what it has given me all these years. It's all about that special...
  4. Duendo Matka

    Can anyone review this track?

    Bubbletronic: Neverfield: Psymasalatrance The tracks were made by two pioneers on the Mexican psytrance scene Visua, Barak & Duendo Matka., The music has a bit of a mix , between melodic, and the new psytrance tendencies... it would be nice to know what people thinks about it!