1. tazz

    Psyland Magazine - 72 Pages of Original Psytrance Content

    Hello lovers of psychedelia, We are excited to announce a new addition to our project, the Psyland Magazine! Our constant involvement in the psychedelic scene throughout this year has led to the creation of a remarkable database of psychedelic content. Numerous artworks from releases, festival...
  2. tazz

    Psyland V/A - Chapter 1

    Hello guys! That is a day full of excitement for me and our team at Psyland Radio. We have just released our first VA compilation, our first step into releasing music. A compilation spreading our twilight & forestpsy vibes, inspired by the summer festival dancefloors and dedicated to all lovers...
  3. tazz

    Artist Interview: SiShiva

    Artist: SiShiva Date: 11-08-21 Interview by: Psyland Web Radio – Hello and welcome to the Psyland interview section. – Hello psyfamily! Thank you for the invitation to be a part of your beautiful new project! It’s my pleasure to be here. – Tell us a little bit about you and your...
  4. tazz

    Artist Interview: Confo

    Artist: Confo Date: 15-12-21 Interview by: Psyland Web Radio – Hello Thanasis! Welcome to Psyland Web Radio. We are glad to have an interview with you. Tell us a few words about yourself and your first steps as a music producer. – Well… Nowadays you can find me in my studio making music or...
  5. tazz

    Artist Interview: Eternity

    Artist: Eternity Date: 23-02-22 Interview by: Psyland Web Radio –Welcome to Psyland Nikos. Lets’ introduce yourself to our beloved Psylanders. – Hello Psylanders, I want to thank you guys for inviting me to this new web radio project and I wish you all the best with this new start!! So my...
  6. tazz

    Artist Interview: Balliou

    Artist: Balliou Date: 28-07-21 Interview by: Psyland Web Radio – Hello Balliou! We are so glad to have an interview with you! Tell us a few words about yourself. – Hello! Thank you for inviting me to your interview and congratulations for the online radio! It’s something that was missing in...
  7. tazz

    Artist Interview: Archaic

    Artist: Archaic Date: 17-06-21 Interview by: Psyland Web Radio – Welcome Kostas to web radio. Thank you for accepting our invitation to this interview. – Tell us a few words about you and about your first encounter with psychedelic trance music. – Hello, wish you all the best...
  8. tazz

    Artist Interview: Tromo

    Artist: Tromo Date: 30-06-21 Interview by: Psyland Web Radio – Hello Tromo. Tell us few words about yourself. – Hi, first of all I would like to thank you for making this interview and congratulations for this new project aiming to promote psychedelic culture & music. My name is Yannis and I...
  9. tazz

    A Newborn Psychedelic Web Radio in Greece

    Hello psy people, In recent years, I am really glad to see the psychedelic music scene constantly evolving, while adopting a solid structure of principles like love for each other, equality, living in harmony with nature, and spirituality. New psy labels and artists sprout all over the world...