1. Jessica B

    Montez - 'Moon Rising EP' out soon on Timelapse Records

    Montez (aka DJ CK) - 'Moon Rising EP' is out soon on Felix Timelock's rocking label Timelapse Records! Check out the teaser clips of this killer two tracker EP:
  2. Jessica B

    Nikki S - New Psytrance Mix for PsyJukeBox!

    NEW PSYTRANCE MIX Check out the new killer Psytrance mix from Nikki S for PSYJUKEBOX!! This mix features tracks by some of Nikki's favourite artists - Dickster / Dick Trevor, Ajja, Moshe Xe Rox, Volcano, Space Tribe, Faders, Imagine Mars, MAD MAXX...
  3. Torsion Jim

    Reanimated Aberfal Frequencies

    Im almost at the point where i my kids are old enough and i have the enough spare time to start doing radio shows again. It would be good to dust off those shoes. all my old psymusic radio software has gone though.....however the Internet is ethernet now so I don't have to worry bout WiFi bonk