1 x Glade ticket - will take under cost price & optional free coach from London


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Yep - I have a Glade ticket for sale too, after a "mate" messing me about and pulling out at the last minute (BEFORE paying me for the ticket).

The ticket, as you know, cost £90. There is also a coach place (leaving London Victoria 8am Friday, returning about 9pm Sunday, after all the music finishes) which I will chuck in for free if you want it. This cost me an extra £15. (The coach is being run by a breakbeat promotions crew, though as I say this is optional if you already have a lift sorted.)

The above, totalling £105, I am prepared to let go for £80. Am prepared to haggle a teensy bit if need be.

Probably best if the buyer is in London so we can do a cash swap in person at this late stage, but there is still just about time to do a special delivery in return for cash paid into a NatWest branch same day (or Paypal is OK too).

Best to email me on newtonline AT gmail DOT com ASAP if interested.

edit: Or call me on 07971 260193