Top 10 10 songs i have been hearing lately

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Hello people :welcome:

Since the spring is comming soon my mood has changed and now im hearing this stuff latley, i hope u all enjoy this songs sometime in your life on a big dancefloor with this 3 elements above :

:sun: :shrooms: :party2:

aahaAAHHAAHHA of course u dont need them all for sure to have a good time just the feeling in this songs can make the job!!!

1. Astrix - Noise Freak (Atomic Pulse rmx)

2. Alternative Control - 4d girls

3. XSI- 002r

4. X-noiZe & Assi - 15,000 Micrograms

5. Stereomatic - Stereoblaster

6. PTX - high school

7. Perplex vs 2hi - Let's Fala Portugues

8. Altom - Kompact

9. PTX vs Intelabeam - B Tight

10. X Noize - The Esperminator (Vibe Tribe Rmx)

and now u say : "what a cheesy guy!!"

but this was my mood today :lolololo: next time i promess to make one more serious :ismile:
bye, bye!! take care! hughs , Paulo!