Top 10 10 things you want to do before you die


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10 things i want to do before i die

1. Go hangliding across the Grand Canyon
2. Live in New York City
3. Climb a really high mountain
4. Hike across Morocco with really good friends
5. Rob a bank
6. Meet Noam Chomsky
7. Play live to at least 10,000 people
8. Fly a fighter jet
9. See the Smashing Pumpkins live (never say never... :blink: )
10. Hold a rave in Canterbury Cathedral

and it would be cool to road trip across america, either in a car with mates or do the whole easy rider thing...
I get into so much trouble for this list, but two of the things i really want to do (and i know this sounds terrible but admit, it would be fascinating) are:

1. kill someone
2. have sex with a prostitute

but the other more normal things are:

3. fly a fighter jet
4. win the nobel prize for literature
5. hike round the scenery as seen in films like Hero/Crouching Tiger/Koyaaniquatsi
6. fall deeply in love in the true Romantic sense
7. lose that love (in a vaugely masochistic sense to see what it would feel like)
8. drive an F1 car
9. own a lambourghini Murcielago
10. get married to a truly beutiful woman and have four children

its not terrible really to want to kill someone... its glamorised so much in films/books, its natural that we all want to know what it feels like. i mean if you did kill someone just for the sake of wanting to kill someone then thats one thing... i kinda want something bad to happen to me which i'd have to get revenge for, like to kill somone with good reason.
the whore thing, would be interesting i suppose, i just hope i never get that desperate.
i thought it was a good thread, but havent had many replies...
erm... bit stoned but here we go

1. have a child with anita
2. visit macchu pichu
3. parachute jump/skydive
4. go on safari
5. hot air balloon ride
6. cross country drive with anita from NY to LA
7. experience weightlessness
8. take anita on a round the world trip
9. learn to mix
10. take a sabbatical... head off into the wilderness for a year, solo

ok here goes

1: play a live set (any size audience will do)
2: spend a while living in a jungle/rainforest
3: find true love
4: try DMT (before i die :P )
5: do a proper astral projection
6: beat my mate louis at blackjack
7: learn an instrument to the point of complete fluency
8: i have a list of places in the world i must visit, but its too long to put here
9: invent something
10: see the end of the world
hmmm....It does take a lot of thinking this one....

1* Fall Hopelessly in love! (been single tooooo long! :sad: ) lol
2* Have a big Fairy Wedding!
3*Pass My driving test! (im desperatly hopeless and have failed 4 so far!)
4* Be know, be chased, serenaded...have someone like me that much :Grin: LOL (realises shes sounds a bit desperate! :o )
5*Move to Australia :o
6*Go Kite boarding (looks fun!)
7*Meet my real dad
8*Give up Smoking :ph34r:
9*Be a man for ONE day :Grin:
10*Get on the News for doing something good or funny :Grin:

1. walk on another planet

2. find out if there really is a TOE (or better, be the one to find it out and get a nobel price for it)

3. win the pulitzer price

4. see the final of world cup live @ the stadium (finland vs ??) football..

5. be horribly wrong and discover that the 2012 thingy was for real :wizard1:

..i can settle with these 5

..but i'll come up with 5 more someday..
josh said:
I get into so much trouble for this list, but two of the things i really want to do (and i know this sounds terrible but admit, it would be fascinating) are:

2. have sex with a prostitute

but the other more normal things are:

7. lose that love (in a vaugely masochistic sense to see what it would feel like)

Having sex with a prossie is hardly abnormal. Most men won't admit it, but I'd put money on more than 50% having done so.

As for losing the love of your life - don't wish for it. Next to losing your kids, it's by far the worst thing that could ever happen to you.


You know, I'm finding it really hard to think of any, mainly 'cos in the overall scheme of things none of them really matter. Mmmm....

1. I want to come back as a woman, but I guess one day's experience would be interesting.

2. Spend a year going round Psy-Trance festivals, and playing at them whenever possible.

3. Have a kid with Wendy (bit old now)

4. Get a new body that has nothing wrong with it. (My brain's just fine thanks... :smoke: )

5. Meet the Dalai Lama

6. Put on a Party that's the best... EVER!

7. Glow with pure white light

8. Have no inhibitions (sod the rest of you, if you don't like it - tough :Wink3: )

9. Invent the Infinite Improbability Drive

10. See the Big Bang, (oh, and the end of the universe too ;-)

Hugs y'all,

the macchu pichu thing i wanna do too, would b proper sweet. weightlessness in space, that would rule too. also to play SEone or the annual Little Green Planet would be cool. :clubjump:
and i've always had a fantasy about setting up a HUGE treehouse village in the middle of the woods on massive trees with like branchy walkways in between n stuff.
and shagging kylie ten times, i wouldnt say no..
barclay, those are all such awesome ones :Smile3:

In the grand scheme of things all of our personal ambitions are not that important.. well they are , to us, but I'd like to see things like global peace and no one go hungry, before I'd wish for anything for me!

I do love playing at outdoor parties though! <hint hint god>


I love this little guy! he's so cute and blue... I like hugging so I'd wish that i could hug everyone in the world!


Experience weightless

Meet Captain Beefheart

Get a CD quality copy of the One Sick Puppy album

Buy a Roland 303

Meet Aldous Huxley (obviously impossible)

Take a shit in the White House

Meet David Beckham and spike him with LSD :Wink3:

Become the world champion at Bopit

See the Liquid Tension Experiment live

Learn to play the piano
1. Breathe In
2. Breathe Out
3. Breathe In
4. Breathe Out
5. Breathe In
6.Breathe Out
7.Breathe In
8.breathe Out
9.Breathe In
10.Breathe Out

..... and continue
1. find true peace

2. meet my real dad

3. learn at least 4 different styles of kung fu

4. make the world realise that if there is a god he/she/it's having a laugh at our expense.

5. get a job relevant to my degree :sad:

6. meet an extra terrestrial :hihug:

7. see a tiger in the wild :wow:

8. be in the water with great white sharks (in a cage if possible :crazy: )

9. learn to surf

10. Dj at spacehopper...nevr gonna happen now :sob:
yeah think number 10 is defo gonna be out of the question Paul......although you could get Tom to get everyone together inc Deco and bring it all down to Brighton. You could masqurade 180 as Spacehopper and your dream will come true.
I'm with fromen ory on the playing live to lots of people, but my sights are a bit lower, just 1000 people all really enjoying themselves would do.

SO thats no. 1
2. Get back together with my metal band from when i was 15-18 and play at Monsters of Rock in russia 1991. (pure fantasy, but 1 million people going for it to Pantera made me cry when i first saw it)
3. Have some children (name one of them Space Station Freedom)
4. Resurrect Frank Zappa and make him release another album
5. Grow mind bending ganja (saving grace style) and make some really nice hash
6. Live in San Fransisco for a bit.
7. Put on a party in an extinct volcano(on an island in the middle of the sea), with the cast of M*A*S*H in the first aid tent, and OTT making tea for everybody. Fly people in by helicopter, and have a water slide going round the outside of the volcano. oh and a 100K rig :speaker:
8. Grow old disgracefully :grandad:
9. Live in a house in the country near where I grew up (also i've always liked the idea of wild horses roaming my estate)
10. Do the central/south american mayan/incan/aztec thing, see some temples, go to some mexican/brazilian parties. (maybe find a crystal skull)

There are loads more but they're mostly obssesive muso things, have record label blah... be known for my contribution to music blah... win an ivor novello award blah blah blah.

oh, and I love saturdays!!!!!!

I'd like to do everything before I die, because afterwards things might get a bit more tricky.