Top 10 10 things you want to do before you die

is the travel card valid? and if I draw a biro 'tache on the pic on the drivers licence will it look like me?
yes (before midnight tonight) and possibly (depending what you look like - although if its that similar to me, im not so sure we' have a deal as I'm not that narcissistic :Wink3:)
you are worried about me looking too much like you but not about me having a 'tache?

now, I've met some pervs in my time but...
oops, overlooked that one :unsure:

well what can i say, i have a fetish for hirsute ladies...
morganism said:
7. Put on a party in an extinct volcano(on an island in the middle of the sea), and OTT making tea for everybody. Fly people in by helicopter, and have a water slide going round the outside of the volcano. oh and a 100K rig :speaker:

This could almost be Samothraki 2003 except 140k rig and several thousdand fluffy ravers and scorching sunshine and phat line-up. :jump: *remenises*Aaah paradice........ for a fornight anyway. :Sad:
Take me back there NOW!!!!
thing to do before you die

(as said by bill bailey in his show 'part troll' which i went to see earlier tonight)
and inspiring :Smile3:

dont have a list with specific things now, but i think it is something to think about.
Even if the things are unattendeble, and mayby not even important, i think the fact that you DO do them would be satisifying. :wub:
Looks like there is no choice other than to move the banter from zeocrash's thread to here... Has Full Lotus exercised powers that are beyond the average psy-forum user? Maybe so...

Stix said:
I wish I could get a life.. :sad:

It can't be that bad surely? There are parties to go to and things to do like waste your entire day on here...

But if its reached that stage a letter to Santa may be in order :P :Smile3:
1. find out who messed up my previous life's work, and get them back for it and restore what was ruined

2. stop the above in 1. from ever being able to happen ever again

3. replant the Garden - permaculture type homesteads and forest gardens all over populated areas, cities with buildings hewn from rock left where it is, or altered caves, etc - no messing up the Rock Computer ( Earth ), make all the waters clean and fresh again

4. stop anyone from enforcing anti-drugs laws

5. eliminate death and the finite - it's a fake world anyway if it has that in it

6. be able to travel as fast as I want to, and maneouver as I want to, whenever I like and to where-ever I want to go

7. get natural LERM working perfectly (which covers all the rest of the list anyway, and beyond that........)

8. stop The Problem of anyone(s) being able to over-ride the free-will of anyone(s) else

9. become as perfect as a flawless demonstration of shooter games at said video games - ie - lose the spy/censor/commentator attaching to the mind and polluting the soul so as to anytime be able to plug-and-play 4 real, no spy = perfect score, perfect run - no ego, no ''I'' that is not-I anyway, commenting on my moves to invisibles in some fake-ass dimension, no friction, no inertia

10. just to make sure it's gone forever - get rid of that commenter to others / spy thing, as mentioned above
i know a banishing about that

re: Lunge at the Pope! lol! dude!

Did you hear that on set of Dr. Strangelove, Kubrick was being such an ass ( Crowley - not suprising at all ) that Peter Sellers is said to have lunged at him, and that's how come he done his back in and couldn't play Major Kong....

the pictures of him as Major Kong look like Luke Skywalkers suit as an X-Wing pilot in that Star Wars movie.

Pope is Polish - so was Kubrick. Mein Fuhrer, Mein ass more like.

Invade your own country for some fake-illuminati Ed Kelley version of what it's all meant to be like in the



Unordered Disorder Unpredicatble Uranian Zero-Pattern

don't try and file us or control us, it'll just change the pattern and the outcome of what you are trying to file and control

even tho' assboy still went ahead with same program and switched Tom for Jack, whom he had switched for Peter.

superstitious?! naw 'mate' twas you and your across-lifetimes bullshit making it seem that real people are mad.......

Q. how do you stop a demi-urge taking over?

A. be Kissinger when it's Nixon, and be Cheney when it's Bush,

cause it's films made all that situation happen in the first place, so it's not like you planned it or's an automatic repair system that the universe puts into practice.

hark? a tear in the spacetimecontinuum you say? this is a job for - The Hunter

be very quiet, it's demi-urge season.........

re: trying DMT -

it's not like anything I ever read about it,

usually drugs work as they do in other people's descriptions of them, I found that to be totally not the case at all with DMT ( and with MDMA ).

I don't even know how I would describe it, it does something to your whole entire reality, but it's not like tripping at all -

it felt like ( if you have read up on [ btw - sorry to ramble on here, feel free to move this post someplace else ] the DMT book The Spirit Molecule and some people describe going elsewhere and being checked out, and kinda clinical stuff? ) there's a layer of sorts separating life and death, and it's artificial - and when you take the DMT it can fool those who would usually come and get your soul when you die, and try to recycle you again and make you re-incarnate and all that slave stuff so you're stuck in demi-urge liar reality, so it's like they are on some astral 4D level between here and immortality of the soul, and when you take DMT they think you have actually died, as in left your body.

anything putting you thru hoops - as in those '4D emotional dramas' ( soap operas ) and processes is polarity-mindset........always trying to hold you back and make you think you have to go thru it's stuff, make you go thru mazes thru it's astral layers - there's low-level consciousness in the upper aethers too, just cause they are less dense than 3D doesn't mean they are all good or have any awareness
1. Hold a rave in the tate modern
2. Perform brain surgery
3. save someone's life
4. release an album
5. remix deltaskelter
6. Dj to more than 1000 people for more than 4 hours
7. move out of my mum's
8. Live on an island (smaller than or equal to ibiza)
9. base jumping
10. Kiss kayleigh from Zoo mag

if you asked me to write this list five years ago I would be able to have ticked 8 or nine off it so fingers crossed for 2006-2012 eh.
1. Learn to speak Spanish

2. learn an instrument (saxophone) in side out

3. go on a hot air balloon across Kenya

4. go to the Himalayas, (seeing the photos on here the other day gave me that idea)

5. get a nice little cottage in the countryside, Devon, summerset, north Wales or the lake district, im not fussed

6. learn how to paint

7. climb some mountains in south America, don’t know which ones

8. see pink floyd in concert (i would die a happy man)

That will do for now, if I think of any more ill let you know
if any are the same as the first then its just a coincidence. things have changed since i posted that!

1. get to the stage where i'd feel ready to take acid again

2. utilise that when playing at an amazing forest party in the mountains to an amazing crowd. then, later that day, chill watching the red sun set down over the mountains while listening to Led Zeppelins 'Kashmir'

3. learn to play piano as well as Grant (KungFuHamster)

4. Write and soundtrack a masterpiece of a film

5. do a proper road trip with some really good friends, in some really amazing places. for ages.

6. drive really fast on a moped through the hills of tuscany, hair blowing in the wind and the love of my life strapped to my back :P and learn to speak italian

7. manifest this music which is going on inside my head.

8. have cool children (one day)

9. drink a pint of Guiness with Bill Hicks (would involve some time travel)

10. sit in the hills of China or the mountains of Japan and write an entire album of zen trance/chill on a little laptop with sum big-ass headphones.

open to revision