Top 10 10 things you want to do before you die

1. be naked for a whole week
2. have lots of kids and bring em up really well
3. feel contented for a whole year
4. swim with dolphins or seals or any kind of inquisitive sea creature
5. give something back to the world in exchange for my luck at being born in wealthy western civilisation

thats it for now
1. blow something up able to breath underwater
3.develope super powers
4.get laid soon
5.become president
6.create my own element named after me using a particle accelerator.
7.get trashed with keith richards
8.swim across the atlantic.
9.go to somewhere that ends in -istan
10.think of a good number ten... my dream
2.achieve everything i am capable of at peace with myself
1) Rewind ten years and do everything different just to see what would have happened. (not saying I'd like to change, just to see)

2) To my immense surprise, father children, one day in the distant future.

3) Release an Album

4) Go To Music College

5) Be as good at the cello as I once was

6) Meet one half of my family

7) Be better at first impressions

8) Be in a play

9) Be prime minister for a day (would be a very busy day, let me tell you)

10) Get a degree
1. Be part of a powerful creative movement full of wonderful like minded people

2. Sky dive!

3. Travel. (Visit Cuba before it gets americanised, Visit Japan before the villages get dried up, see tokyo in all its crazy neon kitsch glory.Travel across america with the love of my life and a trunk load of drugs (just for dabbling in when necessary of course))

4. Become a language whizz, able to communicate with all people.

5. Grow closer and more intimate and more in love wth the love of my life as life progresses.

6. Hunt for animals on a horse with a bow and arrow. (sorry veggies!)

7. Be adored. By Many. For just being me. (and not to be famous)

8. Be good at EVERYTHING heh heh.

9. Be self sufficient and able to solve major problems, like world hunger and war and shit like that :Grin:

10: Be known for being a creative force and influence.

Oh and this is a gerat thread by the way. people love talkign abotu themselves.

Heh heh
but yeah... :Wink3:
new user, new list :P

1. set up a cool reggae band, that would be heralded as 'an explosion of live psychedelic reggae'. would include laughing rasta musicians and would have uber live energy.
2. take acid again, one day.
3. write a track while perched in a temple, deep in the hills of China, on a laptop with some phat headphones.
4. relive the Volkswagen ad set to Nick Drakes Pink Moon.
5. from first post of thread, rob a bank.
6. play live @ Boom.

to be continued...
1. set up a cool reggae band, that would be heralded as 'an explosion of live psychedelic reggae'. would include laughing rasta musicians and would have uber live energy.

Hey, thats MY dream!!!

First 1001, now this....

i'm disappointed, frankly. :irolleyes

Just had an awesome read of this thread. I'm resurrecting it. What psy yore!

Actually alot closer to several of the ambitions I put down (under various user names) years later. Would be interesting to see where others are at, who posted here.

edit: man I miss Pheadra.
1. skydive
2. go on an around the world trip, including going to japan
3. learn japanese
4. get really good at graphic design/drawing
5. become fluent on guitar/piano/drums (I'd settle for 1 of them)
6. design large scale heavily concurrent software
7. learn AI programming - probs machine learning or natural language parsing
8. start and run a successful software company with someone
9. take a big dose of DMT at sunrise in beautiful surroundings
10. have a lot more sex
1 find the fountain of youth.
2 Develop a cure for all ills that could cut short my youthfull immortality
3 develop an extensive knowledge of physics through real world observations
4 Each week learn something new about the human condition while helping those around me like Kain in kung Fu.
5 Enhance my now vast knowledge of physics through applied technique and experimentation.
6 Increase science understanding of biology.
Re-Emphasis the currently dormant salamander characteristics of the human gen om so lost limbs can be re-grown with naturally increased adult stem cells without the need for external influence or treatment.
7 begin construction of a world orbiting particle accelerator which has the capability to create and stabilize quantum foam.
8 Develop a mental and physical regime that would promote resilience to the physical effects of fast than light travel.
9 Pick up a pint of Milk.
10 Use quantum foam to travel back in time to the point where I first went in search of the fountain of youth and explain how a life with out end is a life with out propose and there for meaning and If I can save my self the tortuous life I had lead in at least one universe through the creation of this quantum event that I could then rest happy, Now step aside as I piss in the fountain.
No order.

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Haven't ever really thought about it...I usually just have a list of random things on the go or in the back of my mind...

Here goes from the top of my head...

1. Be happy and content and at peace
2. Experience so many different cultures by travelling all over the world - including living in a remote Asian village for at least three months, climbing more mountains and establishing an orphanage in Nepal.
3. Meet someone that I adore and adores me and have two children (and parent them well) and a mortgage.
4. Learn and be fluent in at least one other language as well as learn about world history (get some culture into me... :Smile3: )
5. Continue to create and maintain wonderful relationships in my life with others.
6. Run in a 10km race - just to say that I finished.
7. Develop an artistic side and learn to draw/paint/sew/design my own tattoo's....something!!! And be good at it.
8. Live in a commune for awhile in the country in Australia and live much more self sufficiently.
9. Find a job that I am happy in and I do well at...
10. Die before I lose my mobility/faculties so I can go in peace and without ongoing suffering.... (morbid I know but part of the life cycle)

Wow...looking at those - they are all relatively 'run of the mill' when you read everyone else's but just thinking about what I am consciously doing now to fulfil those? Some of them but not doing too much towards them at the moment. Are people here feeling like they are actually working towards what they would like to do?
1. Release a psy album I'm totally happy with
2. Release a hardtechno album I'm totally happy with
3. Get very rich
4. Live in Germany
5. Learn to play an instrument
6. Live in America
7. Release some music on CD (shitty fucking shitbag downloads)
8. Juggle 7 clubs
9. Weigh over 15 stone
10. Take a LOT of heroin

Pretty unoriginal but im too tired to think straight at the minute.
1. get a good job that I like a house with a big garden somewhere the sun is shining the very most of the year.
3.find a new woman of my dreams hehe