Top 10 10 things you want to do before you die

Good thread!

Some of mine are:
- Bring up children with a good partner I love ridiculously (my mum did a good job on her own, but it was bloody hard I imagine, and I don't want to find a partner anything like my dad!)
- Play Grieg's piano concerto with a full orchestra
- Buy and create a cosy, colourful house
- Travel to every continent
- sky dive
- Have a threesome (!)
- go to space
- learn spanish and perfect my french
-make people and myself happy
-own a snake
- volunteer somewhere amazing, or start my own charity/ useful business

-all the above with Billy Butlins and the awesome friends I'm very lucky to have. *_*

+ not die.
^^^ Have to agree - in hindsight pretty overrated... :Smile3:
interesting...that would be a great shame if u went to all the effort i imagine then it was pretty rubbish. but maybe this should be in a new thread!
If two out of three are really up for the two girls one cup thing?! (I doubt the third person would want to be the cup.) And no i havent watched it :Grin:

dont get bogged down in the whole scatological nest of vipers......
I love the Internet it teaches us things we didn't need, or want to know:ibiggrin:
doesnt that totally depend on the particular three involved?!

hmmm, I suppose, but then I just found it kinda awkward, and the other two were/are pretty awesome :Wink3: Id rather give myself properly to one than try and spread myself across it were.....if you've had threesome you'll probably understand what i mean....probably.

I love the Internet it teaches us things we didn't need, or want to know:ibiggrin:

Hell yeah :ibiggrin:
Nope, haven't had one but get what you mean. Maybe a one-off sharing that intimacy could really work for some people though?!Like it confirms how comfortable you are with each other. Or maybe it wouldn't, it's hard to know before you try!
Which is why I have to try it. But only with another girl, wouldn't be up for two men and me I don't think. (and nor would my boyfriend!) :Grin: