Top 10 10 things you want to do before you die

1. Help my son overcome his barriers and find his path
2. Travel round India
3. Learn a foreign language really well, probably French or Italian, or possibly Kiswahili
4. Learn to like my sister in law
5. Find a really good hairstyle that makes me look fabulous all the time
6. Learn to sail a boat and get a sailing boat (one you can sleep on)
7. Sail to lots of cool places with my lovely family and have lots of fun together.
8. Learn to SCUBA dive
9. Learn to play a 12 string guitar
10. Get really good at growing my own fruit and veg, and gardening generally.
I'll give ya free French lessons if you want Tortoise! (Or maybe in exchange for the v occasional drinkey at a party!)

And scuba so amazing. Do it in Thailand. Only did a one-day course but I want to do more! I also plan to travel india summer next year. Maybe u should go at same time..x
live (or reach at least 70)
learn/read as much as possible
visit so many places on earth i haven't had the chance yet
travel in space
see the past (wormhole technology required lol)
have kids (and be a good father)
start my own business
1. Have my own house;
2. Find my soul mate;
3. Have enough to make a decent living;
4. Travel around the world;
5. Perfect the languages I already have (German, English and Portuguese)
6. Learn Russian;
8. Read up to 1001 Books, which are written by good writers;
9. Never stop learning;
10. Help other people out with their mental stuff;
11. Have a glassy or very transparent studio in a forest to be connected and inspired by nature;
12. Meet interesting people along my life;
13. Get more healthy and stay like that.
10 things i want to do before i die

1. Go hangliding across the Grand Canyon
2. Live in New York City
3. Climb a really high mountain
4. Hike across Morocco with really good friends
5. Rob a bank
6. Meet Noam Chomsky
7. Play live to at least 10,000 people
8. Fly a fighter jet
9. See the Smashing Pumpkins live (never say never... :blink: )
10. Hold a rave in Canterbury Cathedral

and it would be cool to road trip across america, either in a car with mates or do the whole easy rider thing...
1. Bring back the death penalty for murder
2. Write songs as good as Burt Bacharach
3. Own my own island
4. Qualify as a therapist to help people on this forum
5. Really play an instrument, I mean really
6. Name a yellow rose after Karen Carpenter
7. Possess a peaceful death pill so that I can choose the time and place
8. Possess a bicycle that never gets punctures
9. Have the power to travel back in time
10. Have the power to become invisible
1. Not die. that shit frightens the shit out of me.
2. bump into jermey clarkson in an empty alley and beat the fuck into him.
3. Actually finish a track I like.
4. Visit all of the ancient megalithic sights I have on my list.
5. Not get monstrous hang overs after a skinful.
6. Actually work out what I want to do instead of just tuning up to a place of work everyday watching the clock and waiting to go home.

I don't want much, my life is over - I have kids - so I guess I'm just going to live out the rest of my fantasises through them :Smile3:
Get bit by something radioactive and become a super hero based on said thing because of it.

But what might bite me?

with the way things are with me at the moment it would be a dung beetle :-(
1. Have two children with my Zoé
2. Fusion with her while on DMT (that already happened but gosh it was crazy I want this to happen again ^^)
3. Find back my inner peace
4. Build a travelling soundsystem-circus
5. Travel around India
6. Play live in front of an audience
7. Make an album that would tell a deep story
8. Master my flute and my tablas
9. Master the contact staff
10. Stay among the psychedelic community for the rest of my life :Smile3: