2 Full Moons and a Trout 2006


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Ooooooh! :Grin:

*dusts off old Platipus T-shirt


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Woohooh! That brought up a load of old memories and no mistake! Might have to get this one!

*dusts off copy of "There will be no armageddon"*


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who gives a monkeys gym bag

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Hmmmmm, may have to look into this, the original was cracking :Smile3:


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The original is a classic! ahead of its time, and still sounds good....I've still got my original vinyl... but a CD version would be easier to play...

Who is on the remix duties \ Where is it available, then Mr Do??!!


Useless but possibly interesting information Simon Berry told me:
Two full moons refers to the eyes, and the trout is the mouth, of the acid "smiley face".
I love that track, but can't see why anyone would want lots of versions of it at this late stage.
Platipus tracks rock by the way :Smile3:

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From the Platipus mailing list:



'Two Full Moons & A Trout' 2006

(Luke Chable, Chab, tektonik^ & Caspar Pound Remixes)

Available Monday 13th March

12" PLAT126 (listen here)

PLAT126X (listen here)

7 track CD single also includes Original, Union Jack & FLF mixes

CD PLAT126CD (listen here)

Diehard Platipus fans have been relishing the re-release of

'Two Full Moons And A Trout' by UNION JACK for over 10 years.

UNION JACK are Simon Berry, aka Art Of Trance & Claudio Giussani.

In 1993 they were purveyors of cutting edge dance music. Club classics like 'Red Herring, 'Two Full Moons and A Trout' & the long player 'There Will Be No Armageddon' were unleashed to critical acclaim by the masses. 'Two Full Moons...' was instantly heralded as a stand out, stand alone, TUNE!
Sasha, Digweed, Oakenfold, Tenaglia, PVD, Seaman, Howells, Lawler...
cited the Caspar Pound remix as: "God's gift to the dance floor!"
When it was dropped in clubs & at parties everyone enjoyed a very special moment.

Simon & Claudio have been very reluctant to re-ignite these old flames, but 10 years & as many remixes later, they've settled on 3 fine performances, for this mammoth re-release.

"Its always risky re-issuing seminal records and for trance fans they don't get much bigger than '2 Full Moons...' But when you've left the remixing in the hands of Chab, tektonik^ & Luke Chable you can rest easy." (MIXMAG Mar '06)

Chab's remix was road tested by John Digweed in Argentina prior to Xmas, to the delight of 5,000 sun drenched clubbers! Oakie, Zabiela & Cattaneo are raving about Luke Chable's rendition. tektonik^ never disppoint the Platipus faithful. They decided to re-vocal & re-worked it in their own inimitable way – "the mix that really glows" say Mixmag.
Tiesto, Above & Beyond & Club Knowwhere residents Matt Darey & Adam White are playing it incessantly.

The Caspar Pound remix is included in the vinyl package due to request of many Platipus fans.

No. 1 in Plastic Fantastic's Cool Cuts chart

No. 1 in 3 Beat's Shop Chart

Also available in very limited quantity:

UNION JACK's Album - There Will Be No Armageddon

featuring Red Herring, Cactus, Two Full Moons...(14" mix), Lollipop Man,

Water Drums, Toucan and more.

(PLATCD15) (listen here)


Adam White & Anthony Dean

"Out Of Knowwhere"

(Michael Parsberg & Michael Splint Remix

+ Original Club Mix)

12" EPLAT009


NEW DJ / Producer Series - ADDICTED

Mixed by Luke Chable & Kosmas Epsilon

2 CD set - PLATCD135

Tales Of The Unexpected Volume 2

(Compiled & Mixed by Simon Berry)

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Just checked the samples, and the original kicked the arse out of the modern remixes for me, if it ain't broke!!


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*Slamming nuts on the wall @ Art of Trance - Deeper the Deep (Poltergeist rmx) (Platipus 001 !!!)...*

Nothing got ever more intense then this piece of deep-sea-dark-underwater-bubble-acid-trance, for me the interesting and fascinating piece ever to be released on Platipus....loved all the other gems that came out on it as well of course, and still got all the 1st 15 originals (+ a few more) ! :P :Wink3: :Smile3:

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