2 monitors


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i have noticed that many people use 2 monitors in the studio.

how do they connect them to the same pc at the same time? :huh:

and why do they need 2? :o
Have the arrange on one monitor and the mixer on the other. Its very easy to do, just get two cheap graphics cards and configure windows for dual monitoring.
I had two monitors for about a year. I had terrible headaches from radiation tho and replaced both of the with one 21" one that I placed further away.
No more headaches and easy to view stuff by sorting out a proper screensets in Logic.

Or use a dual-head graphics card.

2 CRTs would definitely hurt after a while, but I have to say I'd be in hog heaven with a couple of 17-19" TFTs...

My home system has two monitors ... I use one for what I'm working on and one to use other resources (the web, source code, Browsing for sound files etc.) Some applications don't like two monitors very much (ProTools FREE gets the right hump). But it's useful.

Get a fabulous "radiation-tan" as well, much cheaper than a sunbed ...

... and the psychedelic screensaver looks brilliant :Smile3:
I have two 15" TFT's that I got quite cheap. 17's would be nicer, but at the time these two 15's were much cheaper that even a single 17.

Shop on eBay for a Matrox G450 for dual outputs from one card for small money and no fan noise. Not the latest tackle but they work great and punt out a good strong signal which allows me to use 5 metre long monitor cables. (I have an ATI card in another machine which doesn't like the long cables at all.)

A CRT is basically a ray gun which fires electrons towards your bonce all day. Guitar pickups hate them too, so that is another benefit of TFT's.
More the merrier!!!! yay.....I have two laptops (for transport resons) If I get 2 monitors that would be four screens then two tv's that would be SIX monitors.....oh how nice that would be


......shame everthing would slow down to the the point of petrification :Smile3:
i have two monitors, its dead easy, you just get a dual-header gfx card (or two separate video cards). They dont really cost much more than a normal one either.

Trouble with me, is that almost as soon I got the new pc with new monitor and dual-head gfx, my previous monitor decided it refused to be switched on without emitting a skull-fucking 17khz tone. So I used 2 monitors for a couple of days (again, as has been said before - you have so much freedom - honestly, you'd never look back if you got 2 monitors. Personally, I liked to keep the arrange permanently visible on my main monitor, and have plugins/mixer/channel setting windows on the secondary monitor. But you can do whatever you want :Smile3: )
I have one desktop PC and one laptop; I use a program called MaxiVista to run the laptop screen as a second monitor for the desktop PC. It uses the network connection between the two computers, and I can't rate it highly enough; you can still use the laptop for eg. VSTack, spectrum analysis and Internet Explorer, swapping between the virtual second monitor and applications running on the laptop with the normal ALT-TAB. Normal network and internet functions for both computers are unaffected to all intents and purposes as the whole thing has been designed to be as transparent as possible. Peer-to-peer networking is best, but I run it through a switch and it's fine. Redraw slows down when SX is caning it though! The demo is free and supposedly lasts for 30 days or 100 activations, but I've been using it since April and it's still going strong (Chris Organic's version timed out though...). The full version costs $50 but I reckon it's worth it, and I'm going to buy it when my copy gives up the ghost. You can learn more on the MaxiVista website.

[/shameless plug for a great product]
i see:Smile3:

and the mouse just glides from, one monitor to the other right?like when conecting a tv to the tvout :?

how about using 2 mice and 2 keyboards,if u're shiva that is. :P

dont you run the risk of growing another pair of eyes? :rolleyes:

2 mice and 2 keyboards... I don't think that's possible, advisable or necessary!

Secondary ocular growth is a necessary hazard in our line of work... all those monitors kick out a lot of radiation... :ph34r: