2012 - Ambient DnB - Miszt


Started a nu choon.... :ibiggrin: only the intro done really atm (~3minz), but I'm liking the sound.... wot you think?

Its gonna have a huge breakdown which I'm still working on (a piano piece that I wrote a few yearz ago and have been trying to fit for a long time!), and the second part is allot more funky than the intro, but I'll post that once I've got it all laid out... (you'll notice a lack of heavy kik, but that comes in for the next part :Wink3: )

http://misztikal.com/misztifiedmind_dnb_2012 Rendered.mp3

Going for a kind of John B meets Omni Trio kind of sound....gonna psy-it-up wiv lotz of squelchy synthz in the second and third part....aim is to make DnB without the dirty feeling of most UK DnB that workz well with Psycadelicz, rather than making me want to hide under a stone lol.....also want it ambient, but still dancable.


happy juice
sounding very nice man! at first i thought it was in a wierd time signature but then i realised it was just the pads (i think). it works well! cant wait to hear the rest of it


hehe i see what u mean bout them pads, i got scared that i was gonna have to get my head around some mental time sig. i like it man, alot! did u make that beat from scratch?
yeah man, groovin :sun:


therez 3 layers of drums in there, 2 are from skratch, sampled off my Emu-XL1, has some wikid drum kitz! 1 is a sample from god knows where lol hmm seems slightly out of time tho listening to it without ne bass...gonna mess with that a bit

yeah, the padz are a bit off....but intentionally :Wink3: ....you shuld see why once I've got the 2nd n 3rd partz up :iyes:

I'v got the afternoon off, so this eve I'll have allot more to post :dancey: glad it workz for ya'll tho :Grin:


forgot to post earlier, after listening to it on repeat for 20 mins i can definilty say im liking it too! has some real potential if you get the breaks right, would like to see what some filtered synths sound like over the top


Updated the link above....think the choonz more full now, still having a pain with the bassline ...it seems to have dissapered along with the strings!...wtf, messed up the eq of think, any ideaz? :iconfused but that killed the choon in the last bit i think :ifrown:

also noticed therez some strange distortion or somthing going on in the mp3, I've tried about 20 diffrent settings and alwayz get it, its most noticable in the first 20 seconds, pretty low frequencies..any1 know whats causing this and how to get rid of it? (its not in the rendered wav at all)

http://misztikal.com/misztifiedmind_dnb_2012 Rendered.mp3