3D MIDI controller :) ?


A friend just got the Alesis AirFX synth wich is pretty good fun... You move your hand (or anyhting else) through the air and it uses sensors to detect the position and uses this to modulate the inbuilt synth or effects. This is a brilliant way for controlling a synth - problem is that it doesn't output MIDI. Does anyone know of anything similar which is solely a MIDI controller?


looking at a NIN DVD i have, it looks like the keyboardist guy is using a midi therimon... wrapping his hands round its aura to create atmospheres... i could be wrong but if it is what it looks like would be like the best thing ever :P
many hardware synths have a D-Beam, which is the same kinda thing, and on some you can automate many of the synths controls, i.e. filter cutoff, pitch etc. through the D-Beam... sweet!


pulse width fay
Ages ago I had a bright idea of installing a midi kit on a alesis air synth to try and make a controller. Unfortunatly I know nothing of electrics so it remained a day dream. I think the fields are far too small though an the alesis products. Might try doing a DIY thermin kit one day though.