5.1 sound?


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Hello plp, Me and my brother some time like to make little movies just fun, and I would like to be able to make 5.1 audio for them. Now when I bounce from logic in 5.1 surround I get the separate wav files relative to the separate speakers but how do I then get those files to be a single 5.1 file or is this not how it is done? Would this be something that I would do in the Video editing software? We are using Adobe premier.
hmmm, no idea, but i'd like to know. it would be fun just to make some weird 5.1 tracks to play at home...

(do many rigs support 5.1 yet then eh?)
Apparently I have just found that you need a DVD authoring prog or plugin, which will encode the audio for you to DTS or THX or Dolby pro logic ECT. Discwelder is one of these prog but we might find our self’s spending pennies.

5.1 rigs would be good if you were in a Psy cinema but for a party they wouldn't be much use unless everybody danced in the centre of the room where the effect was. Still would be fun 5.1 at high volume.
Ponders Psy cinema
Psy bohemia film society. Could be fun.