9/11 Best day of my life!!

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F**king great wasn't it.
Seeing those gleaming kerosene pollutant silver birds full of "whiteys"
crash into the twin peni' of Mammon (Now he's a lucky boy girls!!!).
I cheered, whooped and hailed Eris when the second plane cruised into
the remaining phallus of American Capitalism.
The feeling of joy, I almost wept with pleasure, when they said the
Pentagon had been struck... I could believe the karmic retribution, I
almost had to fling open the windows and see whether the rapture had
finally cum upon us.
Imagining all those embodiments of monetary society fling themselves
from the 1000th floor window, burning like Icarus to the ground, a
parody of a sucidal '29 stock broker.
They should of turned the day into a national holiday, where we could
of all gone bungin' jumping and parachuting in memory of those people.
Or build big bonfire's and burn effigy's of Osama Hussein.

Do you know what, they probably deserved to die, I bet none of them
were "innocent". And even if they were, who cares, it makes all the
better for some righteous indignation..

And that is actually how I feel about the subject. Sure I have all the
same manufactured guilt as you, but I was finally glad someone was
actually taking a stand against what had been so blatant for decades.
They really did "deserve" it.

And the reaction was even better than the first gulf war. For every
"whitey" killed we made sure "a thousand" of them would die, as
randomly cruelly and without measure as deemed appropriate.
A M.A.D world, like ourobus eating his own tail.
I have a graphic I use sometimes at parties, a piece of reel propoganda
from 50's Amerika, if has the ideal couple looking over a new american
town, to the slogan of "After Total War can come Total Peace".
Every conflict leads us inevitably closer towards peace.
And not to mention how good war is for the economy. Look around
folks, you've never had it better!!!! All those new plastic toys.

So give a cheer for 9/11, whether you are a left wing radical, or a neo-
conservative hawk, politics is back on the agenda. People might listen
when we say politics matters. Raise a glass of proletarian drink to those
freedom flyers who crashed the dream, and awoke us from our ever-

So it might of been a conspiracy, probably maybe could of been, perhaps
never will be is. Conspiracies are an indication of the society in which
we conspire, created through a system that attempts to regulate/
moderate what we should/shouldn't know, say, think, feel. That they have
some "divine right" for whatever reason they care to back-up with
threats of sanction/and/or violence to impose their opinions upon another.
Rather than realising the ultimate tyranny is unadulterated love. Nothing
truly scares the individual than the over-whelming totally encompassing
compassion of our intellectual arsenal. Nothing forces us with such
eloquence and humour to "behave ourselves" with the sort of complusion
associated with the trance. The ultimate act of domination :Wink3:

It's all part of the same story, another chapter, footnote, paragraph in that
great story of the tribe, that colours and influences us through the
extensions of technology, that we are both scripted and script by. And
was a lot more interesting than two coloured tribes kicking an inflated
pig skins around for an hour a little less than two.
It shock us from our complacency, something so little, that killed a hundreth
of the magnitude of a quake in the sumatra basin less than a year ago.
An act of gOd that couldn't be attributed to some random freak of nature.
The self defying proof that we create our own reality, when I realise what
pleasure it sustains me with.

And what can we do about it, but communicate with like-minded people,
through only those extensions/technologies we have at our dispossal.
Don't damn me, when I speak through the mouth you have given me,
with which to listen. The eye that reads what you say. Because this
is actually what I think, feel and experience, and I don't particularly
want to keep it inside anymore, because I know/think/hope that I am
not the only one.


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Eloquantly put.

Sorry, Yodhe, I too disagree. Thousands of people died, and tens of thousands more grieved at those deaths, and still grieve to this day. Whoever engineered these attacks/explosions/whatever on 9/11, they did not have the right to take human life thus.

If someone had managed to detroy the Trade Centre without hurting a soul, then maybe I would have rejoiced, but the fact is that violence only breed more violence, and for me, 9/11 was a very, very sad day.


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Quote - yodhe>Do you know what, they probably deserved to die, I bet none of them
were "innocent". And even if they were, who cares, it makes all the
better for some righteous indignation.. <Quote Yodhe

thanks yodhe, every day you prove to the world your more of a dick... so thanks again for extending the catchment of people who think your a fucking moron

you are a sick warped individual, and i hope you find a nice little padded room to see out the rest of your days, god forbid you believe in karma, it may well be the death of you, literally

you are lowest of the low and i hope you get your retribution for that


Oh Yodhe you are controversial and your shoulders broad and your feet hairy.... :wub:


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cuntchops101 said:
Do you know what, they probably deserved to die, I bet none of them were "innocent".
Not inocent?
They weren't even on trial, you nasty peice of shit..
What about their families ?
Do you think little Johnny Orfan is gonna say to himself :
" well, Dad was a fucking capatlist, so no tears from me "....

You are such a bitter, heartless person.

I have to say that the events of 11/9 have made things worse for every living soul on the planet....

...oh, but that doesn't include you does it ?


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I yeah I forgot he is mentally unbalanced, and we should all molly-cuddle him to encorage posting such hate filled bile.

Or was that last week, or the last person to play the " but I'm on the verge of madness " card ?


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SCariFairy said:
I hope this isn't some sort of sick test to see if the mods'll dare to lock this thread.

.... or watch every one but Yodhe get banned over it.....
I was kind of shocked at the low level of rapport that this thread greeted,
a few polite gasps of shocked indignation, and the raising of a clothed hand
to the mouth would of sufficed.
It was a bit like America and Pearl Harbour, and if any of you have read Chomsky
you know that they were asking for it. The bitter irony is the way they know it is
coming, and push the situation so that they can excerise their already formulated
plan or retribution, for an act they were complicate in.


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yodhe said:
Ohh I feel all guilty about not feeling guilty....

Dude - whats all this about? Really? Simply?

You are judging people you have never even met properly.

I thought you hated that?


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To a certain extent I can understand that disgust at the purveyors of theft and misery in the Twin Towers means they had a certain culpability in world events, and in the frustrations of the Islamic fundamentalists. However you're ignoring the consequences to "innocents" in your glee. Children orphaned, those who did menial jobs in the building, even the firefighters who risked their own existences to help others... all of this is heartrendingly sad.
Joy at the events is not an appropriate response.


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i have my own, collected views on this event, however i do not wish to share them with you yodhe, simply because you are a piece of shite that i havent had time to wipe of my shoe yet.

colin i dont care how much you want to 'moderate' because if you cant sort this pathetic excuse for a human being out i have no respect for your moderating skills whatsever

i simply hope the universe will deal a fairer judgement that this board has
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