A-B 44.1 and 96 khz


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hello, i've been recording my guitar at 44.1 and at 99.6 ( i think its .6) to find out if my ears can tell the difference!

I know that you have to set up a session (i.e cubase) to either record in 44.1 or 96.

But, if you export them as files (both different sampling rates) and put them in soundforge, can you a-b different audio files with different sampling rates?

My soundcard shows which sampling rate it is curently using on the front, but it never changes from 44.1 when listening to a 96 khz recording in soundforge!

So im left thinking that it is a 96 khz recording being put through 44.1 da converters,

Basically im just woundering if there is a way to listen to them both, without too much faffy and changing software preferences,

Any help much appreciated!