a BIG hi from a reformed banker


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hi guys.

the name is mikey and i WAS a banker from philli, U.S.

I'm 37 and after 19 years of working for CitiBank and having made millions of dollars from my executive position, beautiful secretary, fast convertible sports car, condo in Florida and luxury appartment in LA. I went to my first techno party that a friend of mine dragged me, somewhat reluctanly, to...you guessed it

I GOT TURNED ON :wizard1:

after 7 drops of pure lysergic I entered into a new world. a world of :sun: :peace: and :punk: What a night!

The music pumped, i grooved and felt the universe functioning perfectly.

I have now decided to move to India, the heart of trance and become a sadhu. I'm told to do this I have to give up all my worldly possesions.

Now here is the $17, 659, 003 . 69 question (i just checked my bank balance). Who do I give my money to?

Or should I keep it in case it doesnt work?

Fellow trancers I need your advice...


not quite sure what you mean by that Mr Do. I know McDonalds and CitiBank are pretty similar to each other in a corporate sense of the word but whilst there's a lot of money floating round McDonalds we do not make hamburgers.

8 quid eh? i'll have to think about it!
no mate that was me. aint nobody gonna take credit for my handywork!

mcdonalds rocks bit bugger king is far superior

fyi: whopper meal plus xtra large coke £2.99 limited time only
I'd say give it to charity.

Charity begins at home.

...so i'll PM you my address to send the cheque :P
Hi gang.

I'm sorry but I really dont know what you're talking about. perhaps i need to do some research on this forum.

I dont want to upset anyone but I am new to all this.
I would also be very keen to discuss my recent mind shattering experience with anybody who wants to as nothing like this has ever happened to me before and I am a bit bewildered by the whole thing.
Well yes, but i gather you would probably change the b for a w :Wink3:

Just to put certain rumours to bed, I received a private message from benni fli who although seeming a little strange wants me to assure any doubters that we are NOT the same person, though apparently our writing style is similar!

I have booked my ticket to Delhi and am going to look into the possibilities of becoming a sadhu though i have been informed it is not an easy process.

I will keep y'all posted!
:Smile3: :Grin:

I suggest you give it to charity and as i have connections with many charities around the world, i suggest myself as a good starting point.
Well, if you're gonna be a sadhu you better get very good at hanging around stoner tourists, blinking puppy-dog eyes until they relent and let you toke on the ol' chillum... :Wink3:

If you're a high-flying US exec chap, how come you're using the UK's forum? Is the reputation of this place that widespread?

And if you're really a loaded banker, ever thought about (don't laugh, it does exist as I'm sure you all know) ethical banking? I think that would be a much better service to the world...

PS to prove you're not making all this cobblers up, I think you should put a shitload of cash into the psyproject account. :drinking:

EDIT: I just reread your original post. Sounds like a load of toss.
if you are turned and love psy trance then dont mention the $$$$$$$$$$

want to buy some white powder ?
welcome.....give it to charity mate....but keep a bit so u can party on....and on.....and on.....

had an idea though!(that hurt too....)buy a luxury boat for us psy forum dudes and dudettes :peace: :sun:
If you're gonna become a sadhu, then good luck to you, as it's not very easy. I would suggest utilizing any obscene amounts of cash and use it to help the locals in northern India and build some schools surgeries etc, and show that trancers aren't just drugged out hippies :Wink3: I too have worked in merchant banks, though luckily, only in IT. Good luck, and let me know if you require any info on India and sadhus etc. Bom Bhole Nath :Grin: :peace: :party2:
look, people, either we are very untrusting of unusual people (possible) or they are some really nasty people trying to get us to look like a load of fools (more likely) but what i don't understand is why people think its funny to do this??? Its the most un-funny sense of humor i have ever come across... imagine if someone DID have 17million to spare... imagine the things that could be done for the world.... not too much, but a consiberable amount... and i really don't find it funny, i just find it sad. and i wish the people doing it would stop it because they really shouldnt pretend things like this.