A Change of Identity

El Huevon

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Hello All,

I am not exactly new here, rather I created my previous username 'ometepe' about a year ago without really thinking.

Since then my participation in the forum has been somewhat voyeuristic :ph34r: , partly owing to my dissatisfaction with my username and the problems this created with my virtual self-identity.

I have chosen my new name 'El Huevon' as it was a nickname my half peruvian friend gave to me. Huevo means egg in spanish, also refering to
bollocks. 'Huevon' however in popular slang means a very lazy person.

This new username may be as equally pointless as my last one, but at least it projects a persona (or I hope it does) of someone that doesn't take themselves too seriously, and i like it and it rather amuses me.

At least if I ever meet anyone of you in person (should be going to boom&maybe transit) I will not be ashamed of saying what my name is on the forum.

I'll get my coat.

Hi & :welcome:

I don't matter what's on the outside dude, it's what's on the inside that counts :Wink3:

Come on in & have a great time :Smile3:

:welcome: TO THE :party2:
I think it is great that you already know what the forum is all about, now you can easily join in (if you wish to) Sometimes I go through long periods of being a lurker, then suddenly have lots to say!

Like the name!! :welcome: