A little story about the Greater Manchester Police


imperialist running-dog
On friday night, I went out for a cheeky pint with some friends. One of my house mates' boyfriends left at about 10.30 to meet up with some friends in town. The next day, at about 5 pm, he turns up at our house with an impressive black eye, cuts on his face and baton marks on his arms, neck and back. He'd just spent the last 15 hours in a police cell.

Here's what happened: he was walking along Oxford road when a group of students (yes, students, not scallies) started shouting at him: "did you enjoy July 7th, then?" "Are you gonna blow us up?" - as you may have guessed, the guy is mixed-race asian. He knows how to handle himself, but he also knew that he was standing right under a CCTV camera. He gave the students a bit of a verbal bashing and turned to leave when they started on him. Hence the black eye. At this point, he noticed a police van approaching, and having had dealings with the GMP in the past, he thought it best not to retaliate.

The next thing he knows, 4 police officers jump on him and try to cuff him. He grabs onto some railings, so the coppers start laying into him with their batons. They drag him along the pavement and bundle him into the van. He spends the night in a cell and sees his solicitor in the morning. His solicitor takes photos of his injuries and tells him that he has a good case because.... wait for it.... the whole incident was captured on CCTV!

make of this what you will...

dave arc-i

Monkey Do said:
scratching bit's of rolling tobacco out of your fanny.

i tried that - not only is it hard to light but even harder to keep that way


Monkey Do said:
Course it's not, this is Blairs Britain. Everyone should have a degree, even if it is in watching soaps and scratching bit's of rolling tobacco out of your fanny.

...I think I've found my calling.

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Realityis whatyou makeit
yes, i imagine that the camera will turn out to have not been working whilst the incident took place. cunts. insitutionalised racism.


imperialist running-dog
bit like those cameras in Stockwell tube station that mysteriously didn't work despite the fact that security on the underground was supposedly airtight since 7 July...


Cake Or Death
good....he shpould deof pursue it if he can.......the cynical side of me wonders how far he'd get and i'm not sure of the compaints procedure..maybe he cthe police ombuidsman if such a thing exists.......


imperialist running-dog
the police have dropped the charges against him.

He's pursuing legal action against them and they guys who started on him.

And... guess what? The CCTV camera "wasn't recording at the time".


don't hold your breath, my brother had 7 shades of shite kicked out of him by the Met (including 'training' a new recruit the finer arts of interrogation procedure) for some rowdiness outside a pub some years ago...

took them to court with medical evidence and got nowhere

quis custodet custodies?